Friday, October 07, 2011

Staph is Scary

Last Wednesday Kent and I were heading home from a dinner at a friends house. Our bellies were full and were happy after having a fun night with our buddies.

I got a call from my mom on the way home.

She said that my brother was in the hospital…
had to have emergency surgery…
and the doctors did not think outcome was going to be good.


He was being tough and thought he could fight whatever it was that was making him so sick  all on his own…..WRONG!

IMG_9843-editfbMe, my brother, my niece, my mom, my brother’s girl friend

His kidneys shut down, his blood pressure was dangerously low,  and his body had gone into septic shock.

If he pulled through they thought he have to be on dialysis….




You see my brother is  a carefree guy. I could tell you “Crazy Brandon Stories” for hours on end.

I refer to him as cat with 9 lives. Although I think he’s surpassed his extra lives by far. 

Due to his carefree mentality he’s been in the hospital, ICU in fact several times.

But this time was different…….

I was scared. It was hard seeing my big strong brother so sick.




He had fallen victim to staph infection, a very, very nasty one at that.

The infection started in is leg.

During his surgery they removed a large amount of flesh and muscle.

The incision is still open, my bro is still in the hospital but out of the ICU, his body is still fighting off the infection.

His doctor told me if he waited any longer to go to the E.R he would of have died. He said he was shocked that he pulled through and only with a few minor issues.

He leg will never look the same.
He will need some rehabilitation.
But he’s able to walk and did not end up needed dialysis.

My bro sure gave us a good scare.


Warning the picture under this one is GROSS! Don’t look if you have a queasy stomach.



This next picture is really gross so I’m going to leave it small so you don’t get too grossed out…..cause I’m nice like that….and your welcome! Winking smile


The doctors left his incision open.

They’re still trying to decide how they want to close it up as it’s fairly wide and long.

They have him attached to a wound vac which pretty much suctions out all the grossness from his incision 24/7.

My brother has to carry it around wherever he goes. Not that he’s going far but still….
Isn’t it pretty? BLAH!




He gets better every day! 

He’s coloring is starting to return to his skin and he’s getting his sense of humor back!

Love him to pieces.

He will always be my crazy brother that’s cheated death on more than one occasion.





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  1. MRSA is definitely not something to mess with. Your brother is very lucky! I previously worked in organ donation and we got lots of death reports from MRSA. Thank God he's okay.

  2. OMG! I am so glad your brother is pulling through so well! That sounds scary. Do they know how he got the infection?


  3. Glad your brother didn't have to go on dialysis. My husband was on it for 3 years and it was not fun for him or for me. He passed away 2 weeks ago. Be thankful for the little things.

  4. Oh wow! How scary! I'm glad he's ok!
    Also, the last photo wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. I totally thought it would be a picture of the hole in his leg. Am pleased it wasn't!

  5. Scary!! Glad he is getting better

  6. Scary! So glad he is doing better!!!


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