Friday, September 30, 2011

From my Phone

Oh the things I take pictures of with my phone!

Yummy Things I’ve Made:

IMAG0001I’m too lazy to write things down so this is how I “wrote” my grocery list.

IMAG0006Which turned into this!
They were a hit! After you make the little sandwiches you dip them in melted chocolate.



Free Fun:

Kent and I having fun at the Halloween storeIMAG0039

     IMAG0038  IMAG0034  IMAG0035


Funny things I See:


Ahahah I almost bought this cake just because it was sooo funny!  I had it in my cart but talked myself out of it.

IMAG0008The prefect example of fancy! Which as you know is my favorite word.



Setups for my Little Clients:

                      IMAG0025   IMAG0375 


Trying to Perfect the Thumbs Up:

IMAG0024 IMAG0019 IMAG0022

Yet another example of my ADD.


Songs I like:

                       IMAG0043   IMAG0044
                         Again too lazy to write them down. Are you seeing a trend here?









Things that are Pretty:

     IMAG0545   IMAG0543   IMAG0544

IMAG0536   IMAG0540





What I’m Reading:


It’s really good! One of those books that sucks you in! Which is a must for someone with self diagnosed ADD. It MUST suck me in or I’ll never finish it.


Good Times:

IMAG0483  IMAG0487







Things that are Gross:

IMAG0005Uh don’t even ask.





He’s just sooooo stinking cute!
Look at those big bunny feet. Bunnies are like the puppies that never grow up. They’re cute when they’re babies and just as cute when they get older!



Haven on earth:


Eeeekkkkkk! Look at what Kent’s sister brought me all the way from China and this is not everything. I have more coming! It helps to know people who not only live in China (cheap accessory heaven) but also know how to speak Chinese.



Fancy TP:


Desperate times call for desperate measures. We were out of TP so I improvised. 




Their Love Affair:

 IMAG0057 IMAG0405  IMAG0561



Her Favorite Blanket:



Fresh out of the dryer! All she needs is Kent and she’ll be set!



New Tings:




The Things I Find:


I was organizing my candle shelf the other day (yes I have a candle shelf…..don’t hate) and look what I found. I totally forgot I bought these when they went on clearance……score!!!!




I’ve moved our facebook fan page! It’s for the best, I promise! You can find me HERE.

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  1. That cake is TOOOOO much!!! I wish I could find one like that for my cousin's bday :)

    I have a similar fossil but it's mother of pearl with the bling around a turquoise face. Loves it!

  2. Funny! AND Fancy!!! Cute stuff!!!

  3. Oh my, those cupcakes look a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

  4. Oh that cake is awesome. Shoulda bought it.


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