Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

Y’all know I love to get my thrift on! I pass right by Goodwill on my way to the gym so if I have time I pop in to see what I can find. Some days are great others not so much but that’s just nature of the beast!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Thrifty Treasures post. I’ve still been thrifting right along but haven’t been as good at stopping to take pictures of my finds. Most of my recent thrift store purchases have been props that I use in my photo shoots.

oh that might be a good idea for a post!
Props from the Past” 
“Props with a Little Extra Love”
Oh you get the point!


         IMG_9565-edit   IMG_9571-edit

Smith & Hawken wreath new still in the box $9.00                   Candle holder $ .99



New to me tray for our keys and sunglasses $ .99




Silhouette $1.75 
I’m going to put it on a shelf in my office, I think.






Jewelry $ .80 each 
Always, ALWAYS check the jewelry section at the thrift store. Most of the time it’s junk but every now and then you’ll find some good stuff! 




Everything in the picture was thrifted (except the phone that was taken out of Kent’s grandma’s house. He thought I would like it. My hubby knows me well!)

Vintage phone: FREE
Vintage photography books: $2.00 each
Pillows: $1.00 each, the yellow one on the end was $1.75


Even if I had a money tree in my backyard I would still get my thrift on!
I love the character all my thrifted items add to my home, my wardrobe, and my photography!


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  1. Good job thrifting!!! Love it all!

  2. Oh you know I love a good thrift store :) You found some awesome stuff!


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