Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How I Like to Burn Calories

On Labor Day I gathered with my Danceaton buddies for 2 hours of nothing but jam packed dancing! I’ve posted about my love for Danceaton a few times but let me just say it again…..

I LOVE Danceaton! The class, the people, the music, how I feel during and after, the changes I’m seeing in my body, the friends I’ve made……I could go on and on! Dancing has always been a passion of mine. I used to eat, breath, and sleep dance when I was younger. I stopped dancing in my early twenties and have missed it every since I’ve stopped! Through Danceaton I’ve been able to tap back into that little dancer and shake my groove thing again!

298422_10150355403347495_668392494_9499444_3606880_n[1]There were over 200 people in attendance! Not everyone stuck around for the group picture but it was definitely a packed house!


Pre Marathon….you know, before I was a sweaty mess! IMAG0443

292867_10150356211947495_668392494_9506117_1931274202_n[1]       Image courtesy of EATLOTSOFCURRY
Waiting for the marathon to start! This picture just makes me smile! I’ve met so many awesome people through Danceaton. We’re just one big dance loving family! Not only do we have a blast during class we hangout outside of class as well. It’s really like nothing I’ve ever experienced from a workout class before.


            IMAG0445   IMAG0450

Image courtesy of EATLOTSOFCURRY
We’re always taking crazy pictures! I don’t look near as graceful as my friend but at least I can still do the splits……it’s been years since I’ve done them. I’m shocked I didn’t pull anything!

These were all taken with my phone so please excuse the quality. 






If you would like a little peek into our marathon watch the clip below.
We fogged the mirrors up while we were getting our groove on!

If you live in the DFW area you should give Danceaton a try! It doesn’t matter what age or size you are. It’s ALL about gathering, having a good time, supporting one another, and burning calories in the process. I promise you’ll work up a good sweat! You can find Danceaton classes at 24 Hour Fitness gyms in the DFW area! I would LOVE to see you there! 


  1. Hi Kendra...sure looks like fun! I have done Jazzercise for YEARS, and I think this is quite similar! I haven't been going for the past couple of years, and need to get back to it! I miss it. I love to dance!!! And my body is screaming for me to start doing something again!!! You look adorable in your hot pink and black, and mighty fit too!!!

  2. Girl, I'm impressed with that split!!! We do them some in Yogalates & I can't do it. I'm working on it but definitely not there yet. Y'all look so cute!

  3. That looks like so much fun! It reminds me a little bit of BodyJam. I haven't done a split in years...I don't know if I could still do one!

  4. Uh, you guys are too cute and having so much fun!! Love it! and ps you are looking super hot mama!!!!

  5. Oh wow that looks insanely fun! :O

  6. No way!!!!! Never heard of a Danceaton...where have I been...if I still breath dance??? Simple spectacular! I would have given anything to be there! You got me at Danceaton and of course everything else among your craftiness and beautiful curly hair! Totally following :)


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