Friday, September 16, 2011

What’s in my Purse the Good the Bad and the Ugly

My purse has been looking pretty bad for a few months now. I think the junk rotates it’s self in and out.  Every time I look for something I have no idea what I’m going to pull out. I began to feel somewhat like Mary Poppins…….only a less organized, cluttered version. Instead of finding a shiny new coat rack in my bag I found dirty gym socks!

Soooooo I thought it was high time to clean my black hole of a bag out! Naturally I video taped for you to see!



So now that I’ve spilled the beans it’s your turn. I know I can’t be the only one with random things in my purse. What are a few odd things you carry/find in your bag?


  1. Oh my goodness girl... haha!!
    Mine is actually super clean. Because I just got a new Coach bag at an awesome outlet price and switch to it.

  2. Hilarious. :) Mine doesn't look like yours either but hey someone has to have a messy purse so they can upload a "clean out" video and make readers laugh. :) You crack me up!

    Katie @
    Keeping Up With Katie

  3. Ha! I love it!! My purses always seem to sport old baggies of crushed up goldfish crackers. :s Thanks for the visit today!


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