Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Cute Little Visitors from China

Kent’s sister and her munchkins are visiting all the way from Beijing. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the munchkins very often but when they are in
town we’re stuck to them like glue!



Baby Thomas is the new addition to the family. Let me tell ya he is the calmest baby I’ve ever come across. If I could have a little one as laid back as him I just might think about having one sooner than planned. I call him the pot head baby! Yes I did just say that! He's’ soooo chill!

The other day there was a fire in the kitchen. That’s another story for another day.  It  was actually pretty scary! Anyhoo the smoke alarm was going off, the kitchen was filled with smoke, people were yelling and good ole Thomas was just hanging out…..not a care in the world. I scooped him up just in case we needed to make a run for it and he laughed…..seeeee total pot head baby! I want one like him!  


He thinks I’m hilarious which I of course love! All I have to do is act like a fool and he just cracks up. 

IMG_9555-editfbAnother reason why I need a baby just like him…proof that I am funny! ;o)
Well at least to a 4 month old.


This is Katelyn….
you may remember her from her last visit only she looked like this (see pictures below)most of the time. 37525_413162437033_369634442033_4739466_3532307_n[1]She was a hoot! No matter where she was or what she was doing she was crying! I could see how some people would find it annoying but it was actually kind of funny.


Well a year has come and gone and Miss Thaaannng is all grown up! She’s still got a little sass to her but she is all smiles and giggles.


         IMG_9362-editfb   IMG_9367-editfb

Not only is she my niece she’s also my Mandarin teacher. They mainly speak Mandarin back home so when we’re playing she bust out Mandarin when she's talking to me. I’m always having to ask what she’s saying.

I spent a year in China and all I remember is how to ask for my bill. I’ve spent a week with this little cutie and I can now…..

*Ask for: My doll
*To go to the potty
*Say: What’s this
*I don’t want
*Grandma and Grandpa
*Chicken egg

So I think I’m pretty much set. I can now say I’m fluent in Mandarin! Don’t be jealous! Winking smile


On Sunday we took her to play at the indoor mall play area!




It was a hit!!!!


  1. oh my....SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! my daughter is from China, so i find Asian kids to be the most adorable kiddos!!! pot head baby- ha! crack me up!!

  2. what sweet babies. too cute for words!

  3. Oh man - so adorable. Cutest kids ever!

  4. You have some adorable photography models. :D I looked at some of your other photos - great job!
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes - The shop owners get antsy about anyone taking pictures. I am surprised so many bloggers can get by with it.

  5. Could they be ANY cuter!!!! I want to pinch that little guys chubby cheeks!


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