Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Facts About Moi

I use conditioner as shaving gel. Strange, yes but I promise it will make your legs sooooo smooth and it’s cheaper than buying shaving gel! I get a big bottle of whatever is on sale. It last forever and makes my legs silky smooth!


When I was younger I wanted to be many things:
a marine biologist and perform with Shamu at Sea World,
a travel show host, and a backup dancer.


In my early 20’s I was hired to teach ballroom dancing. I cried when my boss told me I had the job……right there in front of him I started crying like a little baby! When I was younger dancing was my life and he had just made one of my dreams come true. I was an orthodontic assistant by day and an aspiring ball room instructor by night. I had to go through several weeks of training before I could start teaching. I went to my day job at 7am and didn’t get home until 10:30 from practice. In true “Kendra fashion” I didn’t stick with it. I was tried from the long days and spent a ton on gas getting where I needed to be. To this day I still regret that I didn’t follow through with it.


I’m a planner to my demise. Sometimes my OCD planning skills are great other times they’re just plain annoying. Anytime I’m in motion I have a plan for where I’m going and what my next move is. I’m constantly making list in my head.


Smacking and poor manners are my pet peeves but I guess smacking falls under poor manners.


If I want a little treat I stop by QT for a diet Pepsi with a splash of regular Pepsi. Just adding a tiny bit of regular Pepsi takes that diet drink edge off without adding all the all the extra calories of a regular soda.


I’m the baby in my family. I have a HUGE family but
no full brothers or sisters.


Kent and I used to own a pizza restaurant called Slice


I often break out in random song and dance.
I’m glad that Kent finds it entertaining and not annoying!


When I was living in China I slipped and fell in a puddle. Welllll it was a puddle but NOT a puddle of water like I thought it was. It was actually a puddle of chicken blood that the market butcher spilled. It was dark out and there were very few lights on the street. I didn’t catch on that it was blood until I got close to a light and freaked out when I looked down.


When I was teaching in China I got into a tug of war match with one of my students over a comic book. My supervisor was taping my class that day and got the whole thing on camera. I wish I had a copy of that!

Do you have a random fact you want to share?
Spill the beans in your comment below!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Love our Backyard

This is our second time around planting a garden. Last year was awful but this year it’s looking pretty awesome! Look who agreed and decided to stop by for an all you can eat buffet. I took a million pictures of him then decided it was time to move him and his possy to another location. I went to grab the little dude and he turned into the devil, horns and all! 


He sure showed me. After his crazy horns popped out I left him alone to dine to his little heart's content. I had no idea caterpillars are kin to the devil! Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know this!



Parker’s tree is growing nice and strong! If you’re wondering what Parker’s tree is click HERE. I was admiring it the other day and noticed a bird’s nest tucked inside. It made me smile so naturally I grabbed my camera. :o)




Kent and I LOVE getting up early on the weekends and having a little am date in the backyard. We just chat about our week and enjoy the morning. It’s quite and calming and I love it!




Ninja found a new favorite digging spot. When the weather is nice we let him play in the backyard which he loves and so do I. I could watch that little guy hop and play for hours. He’s so stinking cute! I need to video tape him playing so I can share his awesome Ninja moves with y’all.




Fresh basil and parsley from the garden!
Oh man this was heavenly and perfect for a hot day!!! I’m not gonna lie it’s taste a little better knowing that we grew some of the ingredients.




Flowers from the yard tucked inside a little mason jar with some scrap burlap wrapped around the outside. Love having flowers that I can enjoy inside and out!


Our backyard is far from beautiful but I love the memories it provide us! Kent and I got engaged in our backyard so that makes it even more special!


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Monday, June 06, 2011

Guess What I Did on Sunday?

I was in a flash mob!

It was stinking hot outside and I had to keep pulling my pants up during the dance BUT it was TONS of fun! Being in a flash mob was on my bucket list. Not anymore! Yay for doing something that made me nervous AND for crossing something off my bucket list!

Our flash mob in action?

The flash mob was organized by my workout instructor. I’ve been attending the Danceaton class at 24 Hour Fitness for a while and I LOVE it! We meet Monday through Sunday, sweat like crazy, and get our groove on! It’s so much fun! I If you like to shake your booty I highly recommend Danceaton! Below is picture of the flash mob group aka some of my Danceaton buds.


Don’t ask about my shirt. Our instructor brought some funky duck tape along to decorate our shirts.
She wanted us to go for an 80’s vibe.

Kent was there in the 100 degree weather being an awesome supportive stage husband. Love that man!

I’m all about stepping out of my box this year! No telling what else is in store!

Friday, June 03, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To

Work has been really busy the last couple of months which of course makes me super-duper happy! Ever since we’ve been back from Vegas things have been busy, busy, busy!

You know what though, I can’t complain because I pretty much invite busyness into my life! I thrive on being busy! It makes me happy!

I did take this weekend off though. I have plans to relax, read, enjoy the sun, cook, and catch up on my Project Life album! Oh and I just might be doing something kind of cool on Sunday. I will be stepping out of my box and I’m a little nervous about it. I’m not going to dish about what it is in case I back out. Winking smile Kent will be coming along and will have the video camera in hand. If I go through with it I’ll share the clip.

Want to know what I’ve been working on lately?
Here are a few pictures from some of my recent sessions.




I had 5 momma clients all due the same week! I was so fun to see who was going to have their baby 1st. All babies are now born and I’m up to my eyeballs in newborn sessions! Newborn sessions are one of my favorite to photograph! I say “one of my favorite” because I love a little something about each and every type of session! 











         IMG_5792-editwwfb   IMG_5722-edit





Up to this point I’ve said no to wedding photography. I’m tickled that people have even asked! Really…..what an honor!

Well I can now say that after 2 years of preparing I am opening the wedding photography doors! I think I’m ready! I have my 1st wedding on the schedule it’s an out of town wedding….FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

       IMG_0970w   IMG_0944-ww















       IMG_6212-vintagfbe   IMG_6324-vintage



Things are going really great!
I’m happy and loving the married life!  My business is growing and doing well!  I’ve finally found a workout routine that I’m ga-ga over. I think that’s the trick. If you find something you love you’ll keep doing it! I’m just in a really awesome place right now. I feel like I need to pinch myself some days. Not that things weren't great before, it just feels different….not sure how to explain it but to say that I am beyond happy and feel extremely blessed! Life is good!


Things in the Works:
*I’m slowly but surely working on my new photo blog! If you want to take a peek click HERE. It will “officially” be ready in July!

*To celebrate the new site launch I’m hosting a HUGE facebook bash on my photo fan page. I’m going to have some great prizes so be sure to LIKE Kendra Pryor Photography so you can follow along and get all the details! I’ll be hosting a few photo contests “Funny Pets” and “Kiddos in the Kitchen”! You do not need to live locally to participate just within the US.

* I was contacted by a fellow blogger to host a giveaway here. That will be coming up shortly. This gal is pretty awesome. I was so excited that she contacted me!

*I’m sharing weekly photo tips over on my photo fan page. Tips that will help you take better pictures of your day to day life. No fancy-shmancy camera needed. To have access to my weekly tips you’ll need to LIKE Kendra Pryor Photography’s facebook fan page.

*I’ll still be blogging away here! We recently upgraded our computer and I was without Windows Live Writer (the platform I use to write my post) for a week. I’m back in action and have lots to share!!!


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