Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Love our Backyard

This is our second time around planting a garden. Last year was awful but this year it’s looking pretty awesome! Look who agreed and decided to stop by for an all you can eat buffet. I took a million pictures of him then decided it was time to move him and his possy to another location. I went to grab the little dude and he turned into the devil, horns and all! 


He sure showed me. After his crazy horns popped out I left him alone to dine to his little heart's content. I had no idea caterpillars are kin to the devil! Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know this!



Parker’s tree is growing nice and strong! If you’re wondering what Parker’s tree is click HERE. I was admiring it the other day and noticed a bird’s nest tucked inside. It made me smile so naturally I grabbed my camera. :o)




Kent and I LOVE getting up early on the weekends and having a little am date in the backyard. We just chat about our week and enjoy the morning. It’s quite and calming and I love it!




Ninja found a new favorite digging spot. When the weather is nice we let him play in the backyard which he loves and so do I. I could watch that little guy hop and play for hours. He’s so stinking cute! I need to video tape him playing so I can share his awesome Ninja moves with y’all.




Fresh basil and parsley from the garden!
Oh man this was heavenly and perfect for a hot day!!! I’m not gonna lie it’s taste a little better knowing that we grew some of the ingredients.




Flowers from the yard tucked inside a little mason jar with some scrap burlap wrapped around the outside. Love having flowers that I can enjoy inside and out!


Our backyard is far from beautiful but I love the memories it provide us! Kent and I got engaged in our backyard so that makes it even more special!


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  1. Everything looks lovely (well except for the freaky caterpillar, ha!) I can't wait to buy our first house so we can have a huge garden! :)

  2. Great pictures! Our garden and landscape was TERRIBLE when we moved in and I love it now that we did a complete overhaul a couple years ago. For some reason though the plants and flowers never look as good as the first year we planted. :) We will have to visit each other's handy work soon!!

  3. haha...I didn't know that about the caterpillar either! Ninja is so cute. That salad looks delish :)

  4. Wow! Who knew?

    Your salad looks yummy!


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