Monday, June 06, 2011

Guess What I Did on Sunday?

I was in a flash mob!

It was stinking hot outside and I had to keep pulling my pants up during the dance BUT it was TONS of fun! Being in a flash mob was on my bucket list. Not anymore! Yay for doing something that made me nervous AND for crossing something off my bucket list!

Our flash mob in action?

The flash mob was organized by my workout instructor. I’ve been attending the Danceaton class at 24 Hour Fitness for a while and I LOVE it! We meet Monday through Sunday, sweat like crazy, and get our groove on! It’s so much fun! I If you like to shake your booty I highly recommend Danceaton! Below is picture of the flash mob group aka some of my Danceaton buds.


Don’t ask about my shirt. Our instructor brought some funky duck tape along to decorate our shirts.
She wanted us to go for an 80’s vibe.

Kent was there in the 100 degree weather being an awesome supportive stage husband. Love that man!

I’m all about stepping out of my box this year! No telling what else is in store!


  1. oh soooo sooo Cool!!!!
    love it

  2. thats AWESOME! :) good 4 you!

  3. Hi Kendra! Love it! I saw you getting your groove on!!! I am a big fan of Jazzericise, and this looks very similar. I have a messed up knee, so I can't go until it heals. I tried a few weeks ago and it was no muy bueno!!!!
    Looked like a fun time for you flash mobbers!!

  4. This is AWESOME! You go girl! :)

  5. How fun is that? Good for you for stepping outside your comfort zone. You will grow so much by doing just that. HAVE FUN!

  6. SO FUN! i have never seen one but think they are so cool!

  7. AHHH I want SO badly to be in a Flash Mob or at least be somewhere where one is happening. I'm your newest follower!

  8. I had SO much fun!! And I was going to post about it on my blog but it will be way easier just to send them over to you for the cute video! :)


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