Friday, October 21, 2011

Gussied up Notebook and Calendar

I picked up these notebooks from Goodwill for $.25 cents a pop and the mini calendar from Hobby Lobby for $1.00.

Yes I prefer to keep up with important dates the old fashion way……pen and paper!

Since I’ll be using these items in for work I wanted them to match my branding so I gave them a little love using things I already had on hand.




I picked out coordinating scrapbook paper pulled out the trusty Mod Podge and went to town! 




Tip: When I’m using Mod Podge I always get out my rolling pin. In fact I use my rolling pin (which I bought at Goodwill by the way) more for crafting than baking. Use the rolling pin to roll out any air bubbles that may be trapped under the paper. This will help with wrinkling!  They make a mini version of this just for scrapbooking but why buy that when I already have this honker!




And there ya have it! Simple, easy, and cute!


I added a couple die cut Ks….well because my name is Kendra and my business is Kendra Pryor Photography. Makes sense right?


This would make a cute gift as well! You could include a matching pen and a pack highlighters!



Side note:
I’ve found some really cute clothes at Goowill lately!
Later today today (10.21) I’ll be doing a thrift store treasure post via my Domestic Princess in Training’s facebook fan page. Want to see my thrifted threads? Come on I know you do! Well hop in over to my NEW fan page, click LIKE and follow along! 

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  1. Those are adorable! I love the old fashioned way too :)


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