Monday, October 17, 2011

Ninja the Bunny is a Model



I hosted Halloween mini sessions over the weekend and just I couldn’t help myself….

I had to snap a few pictures of little Ninja before I cleaned everything up.

He was soooo stinking good!

He has this whole modeling thing down! I always have a camera jammed in his face which I guess is paying off because he just sat there and let me snap away. I even put him in his Halloween costume for a few pics.

YES, I got him a Halloween costume! You can laugh all you want but wait until you see how cute he looks, then you’ll want to apologize!



Another one of Ninja’s modeling pictures.

He’s so fancy!

Poor thing probably hates when I have mini sessions at the house because he knows what’s coming next!

I’m doing Valentines mini sessions towards the end of January. Maybe I’ll dress him up as cupid for those pictures.

I’m  kidding….

or am I?


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  1. He is ridiculously adorable. I want a rabbit. :O

  2. He is so cute! I haven't been getting updates when you post!


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