Monday, August 31, 2009

A Quick Post

My semester is up and running and full of classes. It’s actually nice to have some type of a daily schedule again but I’m not looking forward to evenings and weekends full of homework. I’m not quite sure how my classes are going to affect Domestic Princess in Training. I’ve been trying to post several times a week which was easy since I was on a little break but now that things are back in action I may be posting less….not sure though, lets see how it pans out. I’m a BIG procrastinator and just may find myself more interested in blogging than homework :o)

I celebrated my 27th birthday Saturday and had loads of FUN! I will be posting about it later in the week.

Hope has a wonderful week! The weather in Texas is amazing right now! My neighborhood was full of walkers and kiddos enjoying the cool evening. I think a little teaser of the upcoming Fall.

Since I love hearing from ya and didn’t really include anything too interesting in this post I have a few random questions for you. You can answer one or both. In your comment let me know if you are a follower of Domestic Princess in Training.

1.What is your favorite T.V. show?

2.What are you going to miss about the summer?

My Answers
1. I LOVE Big Brother! Kent added Showtime to our cable package as a birthday gift to me so I could watch Big Brother after dark. How sweet is he!!
2. I definitely will NOT be missing the weather but I will be missing the free time. I had a month with no classes and enjoyed not stressing over studying and homework. If you are reading this and fresh out of high school go to school while you are young! Don’t wait because the longer you wait the harder it gets to juggle everything.

Can’t wait to read your answers and be sure to let me know if you are a follower of the site.


  1. My husband and I are Big Brother fans too! We watch Big Brother After Dark when we can. I'm not liking this season as much, but it is still addicting. Another one of our favorites is Dexter. The thing I'm going to miss about summer is relaxing by the pool. Good luck this sememster!

  2. 1.I absolutely am obsessed with True Blood right now. We watch it online and it is addicting. Along with The Office and 24. I'm probably totally out of the loop on the new shoes though.

    2. I am going to miss the weather of this summer, because it is downhill from here. Pretty soon it will be the frozen tundra again!

  3. 1. I can't pick just one show! But if I HAD to, I'd pick "So You Think You Can Dance." I love it!

    2. Other than a free tan, I won't miss anything about summer. I hate hot weather, I hate not having a schedule and the "free for all" that ensues. I love Fall best, then Spring and a couple good blasts of winter weather. I could completely skip over summer and just take a week and go to a nice beach somewhere instead.

    Of course I'm a follower, and I BETTER HAVE SOMETHING TO FOLLOW while you're in school ! :)

    Hope all goes well!

  4. You could write up several posts at once when you are less busy, like maybe Saturday, Sunday, etc., then have them schedule to post live on certain days. That way you don't have to actually sit down each time to write them separately! :)

    My fave TV show is Lost.

    What I'll miss about summer is flip flops and swimming in our pool. I get in the pool every day. But I get cold easily, so once the water isn't bathwater warm, I can't get in anymore.

  5. Hi
    First year in 5 that we won't be in U.S.A for Labour day ,how sad are we,postponing trip until nov this year can't wait1

  6. My fave is House, I'm not sure why, but I just can't miss it!

    I will miss nothing about the summer! I love sweaters and cute boots, so I'm ready for the cold!

    And yes my dear, I follow!

  7. My favorite TV show is Mad Men.

    I will miss running through sprinklers, catching fireflys and picking wildflowers with my grandson.

  8. 1. Criminal Minds - LOVE IT and so excited new season is here

    2. Swimming with Garrison at our neighborhood pool. It was a heartbreaking day when I had to tell him the pool was closed. :(


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