Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barnes and Noble Fun

 I spent a good chunk of time on Friday relaxing at Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks latte and a stack of books and magazines. Oh how I love to pile my lap with home décor goodness! Yes I do play nice and put everything back in its rightful place when I’m done. It’s the least I can do for hours of FREE entertainment.

I picked up Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey. It’s chalk full of great pointers and inspiring blogs. I previously asked Kent to get me this for my b-day but it was an easy read. I was able to pull out key points and take a few notes while I was at Barnes and Noble.

*Some of the blogs featured in Blogging for Bliss


  1. I'm guessing a different house that you're going to fix up? (That's a total random guess because I have no idea what kind of house you have now!)

  2. My family thinks I'm weird because I can spend hours roaming around in a book store :) Like you said, it's FREE entertainment!

  3. You are not the only one , My husband and I rush from England to our Florida base annually and take up residence in Booksamillion His family think we are nuts but I'm with you on this one.P.S I'll let Elizabeth know you want her crown!!!

  4. I think I know the answer...if it's what you told me about at the party! :D

    I love book stores...they are one of my favorite places to be.


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