Friday, January 22, 2010

After Christmas Slump

Dose it happen to you? After I take down all the Christmas decorations I just look around my house and frown. It no longer has that same homey feel and quite honestly looks stark necked! It gets to me every year!
Another problem that happens after Christmas….funds are a little low. I want to fluff the house up a bit but don’t want to run out and spend a bunch of money. So I go shopping in my own house to see what I can find.
I pulled out this GW frame that I bought a few months back and a Key ornament.
keyfram109 052
Put the two together and came up with this.
Nothing too fancy but I think it looks cute. I believe I paid .59 for the frame and $2.00 for the key ornament. That’s $2.59, pretty cheap in my book.
Are you feeling the after Christmas slump? Try shopping in your home and see what you can come up with. I would love to see what you pull together. :o)


  1. shopping at home is fun-but shopping w/o outside the home is better! lol
    that is really a great put together find! you are way too creative...

  2. Looks great and at a great price! You did good. :)

  3. I get just the opposite feeling after the xmas decorations are put away...I feel like my house is bigger and cleaner!

    i love your key/frame idea...very clever

  4. Very cute!
    I'm feeling the same way you are! We have a rule in our house that we don't buy anything in the month of January. (except food, toiletries, etc.)
    I am sooo ready for garage sale season to begin here in Iowa... only a couple more months! :)

  5. I love shopping my house. It's cool when I see a good idea on here and then find something similar around my house that I can do the same thing with. I am a mover. I love moving stuff around and seeing where it might look better.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Beautiful idea. It looks wonderful that way.


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