Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rachael Ray's Stuffed Cabbage Stoup

Nope that’s not a typo this is really called a stoup.....the consistency is thicker than soup and brothier (yep made that one up) than a stew. Put those together and you get a stoup. I made this for dinner and it was delish!!! Perfect on a cold night and great for a gal on a diet. But wait it gets's a 1 pot meal (not including the pot used to cook rice). Oh how I loves meals leave don't leave tons of dishes behind.

Click this HERE to see the full recipe.

I changed things up a bit. Here's what I did:
-Double the amount on all spices used excluding salt
-Substituted white rice for brown rice
-Used ground turkey meat instead of meatloaf mix
-Added extra cabbage
-Do not, I repeat do not add rice to soup and simmer it will get soggy. Use a spoon or ice cream scope and top the stoup with it before eating (refer to picture)
-Let it simmer on low heat for 30min after all ingredients were added.

Use Rachael’s technique for slicing the carrots. It works really well and gives them a great texture
-Be sure not to skimp on the smoked paprika. It gives the stoup a wonderful smoky flavor which is the main flavor of the dish

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  1. Sounds good - never had it before. I love one pot meals. Today must be the day for posts on soups and chili - I also just did a post on a soup mix I used.


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