Friday, January 15, 2010

Laundry Room Gets Some Love

They finally made it on the wall. The picture was a birthday gift from uhhh back in August and the clothes pins were a garage sale purchase about 5 years ago (no kidding). Shame, shame is my name! They’ve been hanging out in my garage for quite some time. It’s cold out there so I decided to bring them in.
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See even 5 years ago knew I would love them……someday. :o) They were originally a blond wood color. I sanded them a bit and warmed them up with a dark stain. They still had their Pottery Barn stickers. I paid $5.00 for the set! Gotta love a good garage sale. 
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  I held off putting these guys up because I have plans to paint the laundry room. I was feeling fancy one day and decided to spread some love to the laundry room. Who knows when I’ll get around to painting it; might as well make the best of a boring space until I can cross Paint the Laundry Room off my never ending list.
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Do you want to see our messy laundry room? If you’re scared and want to look away I understand.
I left a little trail between the piles of dirty laundry so Abby could find her pee-pad. I know, I’m nice. ;o)
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cupcakes, blog, cmas repeat 1,12 016Hee hee hee, tricked ya! These pictures are actually on a good day! I wouldn't dare show you what it looks like before I start sorting the laundry but I’m sure you can use your imagination. ;o) 


  1. Great job; wish mine look like this.

  2. I love how you've added decor to your laundry room! Ours is like a cave, lol. Uh-oh, I feel another diy project coming on!

  3. The clothes pins are fun!


  4. Those clothes pins are awesome! :O

  5. I just adore those pegs on the wall!


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