Friday, January 29, 2010

Dollar Tree Craft

Well, things has fallen back into place after the craziness of the holidays. When a new year starts off I run out and get a few calendars. I carry 1 in my purse that I log all my assignment/exam dates and I keep one in the kitchen where I write down birthdays and things that we have planned. Many times Kent wants to do something but is not sure if we already have something planned that day. The kitchen calendar is really for his sake. All he has to do is flip to a date and he knows what we have going on.
I stopped at Staples to pick up a few calendars and was shocked at the prices; $7.99 for a small pocket calendar and $20.00 for a spiral bound monthly calendar. Not only were they expensive they were ugly too! No way was I going to pay that. I stopped by Dollar Tree and found just what I was looking for. They weren’t pretty but I knew I could fix it.
With scrapbook paper, ink pads, stamps and some Mod Podge (all things I already owned) I fixed these little guys up.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 001
Not too bad for $2.00.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 007
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 009


  1. that is better looking than anything you could find in the stores! look at all the money you saved-you should get yourself a new pair of shoes!

  2. I love those!! They turned out GREAT!! I may have to copy that idea!!

  3. Great idea! I hate buying little calendars- they are always ugly or expensive, or both! I don't know why it never occurred to me to just make them pretty.

    I am having a major duh moment.

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. very nice!!!! Girl after my own heart:) Great idea thanks for sharing.

  5. That is so cute!! And from the dolloar store, too! that's my kind of craft!

  6. So cute - I love the prints and stamps you used!

  7. So much nicer, love it !

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