Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I’m super late with this post but I still wanted to share....….because I said I would :o)

As we all know gifts are not to true meaning of the season but what the heck I love giving them and sure do LOVE receiving them so here we go……….
*New coffee pods for my Keurig! Cinnamon Roll and Carmel Vanilla Cream, yum-yum!
*Super cute coffee mugs. Kent and I feel so fancy drinking out of them. Who wants to come over for a spot of tea

* Yes, I’m a proud owner of a Snuggie! If you missed the funny clip of Parker helping me open this gift click HERE.
* My best friend Martha’s book, Encyclopedia of crafts. 
* Martha’s Entertaining book. Oh Martha how I love you so! 
* Cooking Light Slow cooker cookbook. We do slow cooker Sundays at our house so I was wanted a slow cooker cookbook real bad and Santa came through.

cmas 09 013
Perfect gift for a crafty girl!
Rosanna coffee mug! Can you tell that I'm a coffee freak? If I'm going to drink it I might as well do it in style :o)
Sorry for another blurry picture but I just LOVE this necklace!

And the completely unexpected gift that had me bawling like a big baby……….
51pSkr scrL._SL500_AA280_[1] 
I was shocked and of course excited! I have no idea how to use it, hence all the blurry pictures in this post. I’m working on it though. I’m supposed to take my niece's senior pictures this Friday so I need to start figuring this thing out asap! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Practicing with the New Camera
Seriously, this dog LOVES Christmas! Gotta love his crazy hair.
cmas 09 017
A nutcracker from my collection
My Aunt’s dog Sassy-Ann. She’s such a cutie!
cmas 09 001

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