Wednesday, January 06, 2010

White Christmas

It’s not often that we get snow in Texas but this year we were blessed with a white Christmas! Kent and I were so excited…..well I was excited he thought it was cool for a few minutes! I’m sure I drove him crazy wanting to take pictures of everything and saying things like, "Wow I can’t believe it’s snowing" and "Ahh it’s so beautiful!" I know some of you who live up north will get a chuckle out of our little dusting of snow but in Texas it was like a blizzard compared to what normally see!

Our house COVERED in snow ;0)

Please don’t let the sad looking fence blind you ;0)


  1. Love the picture of you looking up at the snow! So cute!

  2. Your post is tickling me. I live in Texas too and just HAD to post onto my blog a few of the zillion pics that I took of the snow day that we had in my area a few weeks back.

    I also apologized to the folks who live where it snows often. I know that my pure excitement and enthusiasm probably had them scratching their heads and wondering why.

    I just wanted to let you know that I understand your excitement. Love your pics! Enjoy your snow.

  3. Happy 2010! What a gorgeous house and I love your photos. Isn't it fun watching the snow come down? Thanks for sharing! =) ~Liz

  4. so cute! that would be exciting if it snowed where it usually doesn't. :) I like the picture with you trying to catch snowflakes. nice shot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's all what you're used to and if you don't normally see snow, it's a big deal. We're getting more right now and I just drove in it so I'm not so tickled with it at the moment, but it is pretty!


  6. Cute pics!
    We got a 'dusting' of snow last night, I took loads of pics this morning. You.Are.Not.Alone! ;)

  7. OMG I love these pictures. I want the one of you in the snow- so cute! You have to give one of those to your momma. Your house looks Be-you-tea-full!

  8. your pictures and home are so beautiful! I'm glad you were able to capture these moments!!

  9. I'm a Texas girl. I feel the same way when/if we get snow. I thought we would get snow again this weekend but no, it had to be sunny. When we had our snow in November I enjoyed it...for the one day. It was nice to get back on a routine and get the messy clothes out of the house. My oklahoma family was laughing at us b/c we had snow before they did.


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