Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look What Kent Whipped Up

Kent cooks the BEST salmon (among many other things)! When it’s on our menu that means he’s cooking and I’m taking a break. Not really, I was doing laundry while he cooked but hey look how delish! That’s chard in the skillet next to the salmon and it was fab too.
salmon meal 1,12 020
Kent’s such a awesome cook and I’m the lucky lady that gets to eat his food when he gets the urge to cook!
salmon upclose 1,12 021
I want to hear from you: If you could
have anything for dinner
(distance, season, and money are no
concern) what would you have?
Me, I would be dinning in the streets of Zhuhai, China with my booty resting on a upside down bucket sipping warm noodle soup and eating fresh steamed fish. Can you tell, I’ve really been missing China lately :( 


  1. Yum, that looks good, Kendra! As much as I love salmon, I'd be happy to go to your house and have Kent make that meal again! Something else I crave is BLT pizza. It has been years since I've had it and I love it!


  2. I am a country girl at heart and love good southern food. So I would probably pick something so simple it would make people laugh. But, here goes. I would pick pinto beans with cornbread, stewed potatoes, fried okra and fried squash and definatley turnip greens. I would also want a big glass of sweet tea. Ok, that is my comfort food and I would never eat that much, but those would just be my favorites. I am easy.

  3. YUM. That does look amazing, and I love fish.

    OK, so you'll never guess what I found at Goodwill tonight! 2 of those books from that series you wrote about recently--the jeaniene frost or whatever her name is! 49 cents each, can't beat that! I'm in the middle of a Nicholas Sparks book right now, but I'll let you know what I think when I get to them...hmm...come to think of it, hopefully one of them is the first one in the series. tricky! :)

  4. You ARE one lucky gal! That salmon looks good. When I make it I spread mayonaise on top then sprinnkle with dill and bake in the oven...YUM!

  5. Thanks, Kendra, for stopping by over at my blog and giving me good advice on my little table. I definitely pick the pitcher and branches as well.


  6. I would definitely want fried green tomatoes...those things are the best! Kent looks like a great cook! Yummy :)


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