Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Because…….

Taylor Sr Pic 2010 517 (Above is a random picture I took while we were getting things set up for the next shot. I don’t think Taylor even knew I took it.)
I have a few odds and ends that I wanted to chat about. Warring this post will be a little random.

Craft Room: I finally started on my craft room! I’m sooooo excited. I’ve been dreaming of my craft room for long time and it’s now becoming reality! I’ll share some pictures along the way. I’m doing a French theme with black, cream, and a goldish yellow. As I type I have a drop cloth in the dryer, a small shelf that I just spray painted drying in the back yard and 2 large shelves waiting to be assembled. My goal is to keep the coast wayyy down and use mainly repurposed items.
Craft Group: I started a little craft group with a few of my friends. I’m just tickled about it! They are coming over this Saturday for some crafty fun. I know that were going to make fancy flowers (the ones you can wear in your hair, on your shirt, or wherever) I just can’t decided which ones to make. There are soooo many great ones out there.
Did Y’all Know that I’m a Student: Yep, an older one but I’m getting it done! I’m getting my degree in development and family studies. It’s very interesting. My classes are about child development, marriage, motherhood, pretty much anything that encompass family life. After I graduate I’m going through an alternate teaching certification program and plan to teach kindergarten or 1st grade. My semester started back on Wednesday. Let me tell ya I am extremely ready to be done. I have one more year left and it can’t get here sooner :o) You may hear me talking about something I learned from time to time so I wanted to give you a little back ground as to why I may be talking about that subject. When I first started this blog I did a post that was all about me. I know, I’m not that interesting but if you would like to read it you can find it HERE.
Something has been weighing heavy on my heart and I would love your opinion: Do you remember THIS post? Well it’s been a few months and all the superficial wounds have healed but my poor baby is still limping. I’m starting to think his leg will never be the same and it breaks my heart. Every time I watch him limp around the house it makes me think back to that day and how extremely scary it was. I’m grateful that he is still here with us but I still carry a little anger.
The owner of the dog was very sweet when we talked on the phone but when I talked to her she just told me story after story about how they’ve had problems with their dog’s aggression. She never heard my side of the story or what I went through that afternoon. She doesn't know that I thought I was going to watch my little Parker die right in front of me. She doesn't know how completely helpless I felt. She doesn't know that I ran up and down the street bawling my eyes out and screaming for help. She didn’t hear the sound that Parker was making while he was being attacked. I can still hear that awful sound. She has no idea how the dog attack has changed our lives. I have yet to take Parker for a walk since. I no longer take him around other dogs. We use to go hiking on Sundays with a few friends. Parker LOVED this and due to the attack he will no longer be able to go. This breaks my heart. I hate that his quality of life is lessened because someone was not responsible enough to take care of their dog. She has no idea that I now carry a fear of dogs that was completely nonexistent before. She doesn't know that I we are still dealing with this.
Part of me wishes that she did know all of this. I want her to know just how much her irresponsibility has affected us. I’ve thought about writing her a letter. Nothing mean. I just want to share how it has changed our lives (when I say “our” I’m referring to Kent, Parker, and me). I’m sure she still remembers the attack, she may even think about it from time to time but she didn't see it and has no idea what really happened or how it’s affecting us today. I think it's important that she knows this. I want her to know that it was not just a silly happening and something she should just prush aside. I don’t want anything from her and would ask that she didn’t respond.
Here’s where you come in. Do you think I should write her a letter or should I leave it be? You can be honest but please don't be mean. I know you won’t :o)
For those of you who read through this whole post…..THANK YOU!!! I try to keep my post on the less wordy side but every now and then a girl needs to talk!


  1. Congrats on school and your crafting group.
    (and very cool picture)

    As for the dog situation. Oh my gosh, I went back and read the post. I'm so sorry. What a terrible thing to have happen. We are dog lovers in our house, and I just can't imagine what you went through.

    What bothers me with the story is the fact that the owner knows the dog has aggression issues... ??? I'm surprised they still have the dog with children.
    I don't know what to tell you about the letter. I guess I would say- if you want to write a letter to the owner, and that would help YOU, then you should do it. Would it possibly give you some 'closure'? I just worry that you won't get what you are looking for from the owner of the other dog.
    Does that make sense? I tend to ramble on...

    I don't know what I would have done in your situation. I probably would've called the cops and then I would have cried if something happened to the mastiff and the thought of a family losing their pet. Such a hard situation.
    I wish you all the best.
    I hope your pooch keeps on the mend, and you all can resume your life before the attack.
    Hopefully, it won't define his life. Let him get back out there and enjoy it.
    Best wishes,

  2. I think you should write the letter. It would help you to get those feelings on paper, and she needs to know what her actions have caused.

    That's my thought.

  3. First LOVE the pic, it's so bright and colorful totally my taste!

    Second, I'm an 'old' student too and it's rough to still be in school and I'm d.o.n.e gah I spent my afternoon doing math homework.

    Third love a craft day! I used to do it with some friends, but haven't done one in a while. school and all...

    Finally, I think it would be good for you to send her a letter and maybe if she understood the impact it had on your life she would be more careful!!! I would totally do it.

  4. ok if they had problems w/his aggression you would think it would be time to get rid of that dog b4 he hurts a small child! i would write the would finally let you say the things you needed to say...and hopefully the letter would touch her!

  5. Hi Kendra,

    I am so sorry that you are still struggling with this terrible thing that happened to you and your dog. I know that, for me, if I have unforgiveness or anger towards someone, I just have to give it over to God. I know that it can eat you up inside and you don't need to let that happen. Even if you don't want to send the letter to the lady, you might could write it just to get it off your chest. That in itself might make you feel better. I hope and pray this will work out soon and that you will be free of the anger, fear and hurt that you feel.

  6. ABSOLUTELY!!! You should ABSOLUTELY contact the dog's owner. Dog owners have a responsibility to protect others from their dog AND keep their dog confined.I am not minimizing your feelings for your baby and I am not minimizing the severity of a dog attacking another dog but Parker could have been a child! These owners need to know that this dog could have killed your dog and could have killed a child. This is extremely scary and totally unfortunate that at the very least you do not feel comfortable walking in your own neighborhood! Nobody should live in fear on their own streets. That is criminal. I have no law experience and not sure if you live in a city but I would also file a letter with the county or city you live in for the purpose of a "just-to-let-you-know" letter. I say this because if/when the next time this dog attacks another dog or individual, there should be some kind of documentation of the event. The dog owner might not provide the dog's past violent attacks as they provided you with. So sorry that this happened. I am glad that Parker lived and you were not harmed. Yall were very lucky.

  7. Oh and one more thing: Everyday you see Parker limp. Everyday you are reminded about the pain, fear,desperation and what a violation it was that this dog wasn't in the backyard or house. THat is all the more reason to "shed some light" on your experience. At the VERY LEAST, you will feel better. Go for it.

  8. Yes, ABSOLUTELY, without hesitation I would write a letter and make sure the owner of the vicious dog gets it; if this happens in the future, there needs to be documentation of the attack and the owner needs to know how their actions (or lack thereof) have affected you and your family...give Parker extra hugs and kisses (I know you do already) and make sure he enjoys every minute of his precious life.

  9. Out of personal experience, You spoke with the owner. Her casual attitude said she doesn't really care. Now go to the city. Yes, I know it sounds extreme, but this dog is a problem, she admitted it. She has no control over it, and it will attack a small child one day. Then you will wish you had gone further. I know! I had to deal with this issue before. Sorry your baby got hurt! Karyn

  10. p.s. It was MY small child attacked by a problem dog.

  11. You really need to put it in writing and contact your authorities. I was bit by a dog that charged me in the street, and it terrified me to ever go that way again. That day, my husband insisted we go to make sure it had it shots, etc, but we let it drop after that -- the owner seemed nice and responsible, and kept talking about how he was a field dog trainer and about church. We figured he'd get it under control.

    He didn't. A year later, it bit my girlfriend's dog and I felt horrible that I didn't push things a little harder when it bit me. My leg and her dog's head are exactly where my child's face would be. I still regret letting it drop, and now I'm terrified to let my kids be in that area.

    On a much lighter note, good luck with your craft room redo!

  12. Hi ya girlie! I'm new to your blog and have been reading past posts. Love your blog!! I'm enjoying it so much. I read about the attack to your dog and feel so awful that something like that happened to you and him. Pet ownership is such a huge responsibility and to think that there are owners who don't take the direction to be the leader of their animals is ridiculous. My husband and I raise and train dogs. It's my husbands passion and we take our role very seriously. We even take in other dogs who need specialized training. My husband is actually looking into starting consultations with owners who have "problem" dogs. Really it's the owners who have the problem if they can't control their animals. So sad.

    I just am hoping that I can encourage you to keep walking your dog though - especially if he loved hiking and such before. I cannot even begin to explain the benefits of walking your dog - things that go far beyond just mere exercise. As the owner and leader of your dog, your pup takes it's direction and cues from you. You are his leader. If he senses fear in you, he too will be fearful. If he feels you being strong and confident, he picks up on that. If you're anxious, your dog tends to be anxious too. It's just the pack mentality of dogs - they take all of their cues from the leader of the pack. And you are his leader. Please don't let this attack ruin your quality of life - or your dogs. Reading through your blog you seem like such an awesome, confident, happy person and I would hate for this thing to hold you back. Please don't let it. I hope I don't sound like a weirdo - just a dog lover and someone who really hopes that you can find the strength, courage and confidence to find the closure that you need in this situation. So glad to hear that you filed a grievence against the owners of the dog.

    Love your blog and though I am new to it, hope it's okay that I commented on such a tough subject.


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