Monday, June 22, 2009

All about ME!!!!

A little glimpse at who I am and what makes me tick.
Kent and I on Easter Sunday

Kent and I on a recent camping trip. This is our new thing…I see a lot of camping trips in our future.

Parker; Momas boy!

Abby; Biggest Daddies girl by FAR!

Well since I am new to the blogging world I only thought it fair to introduce myself in a bit more detail. So here it goes……..

I’m a good ole Texas gal, born and raised. I’m currently living with my fiancée and our 2 furbabies (Parker a Yorkie and Abby a Chichuhua). Kent (my fiancée) and I have been together for 8 years and engaged for 3. I know that’s a LONG engagement but trust me sister I didn’t plan on it happening that way. We decided to have the wedding after I finish school which is very, very, soon. I can almost hear the wedding bells and the ocean in the back ground. We are getting married in Cancun, Mexico. Throughout my time in school (which was not a short amount of time. I’m one of those students on a 6 year plan although my plan is more like a 10 year plan) I took on jobs here and there (Pre-school teacher, P.E. instructor for various pre-schools) which hindered my focus on school thus delaying the process. A year in a half ago we decided that I should focuse on school full time so that I could wrap it up a.s.a.p. It was so hard for me to leave my little ones. I was a pre-school teacher at the time but I knew it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Well I guess that was a good idea since I am now very close to the finish line. I really thought it would never happen. I’m so excited to know that I will soon have my bachelors and am on my way to planning our destination wedding which will be next Aug!

I am a Development and Family Studies Major. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my degree. I’ve learned so much about family structure, romantic relationships, parenting styles, and the development stages of infants all the way to adolescents. I know the knowledge I’ve gained from my courses will mold me into a wonderful teacher, spouse, and some day parent. I can’t wait to have a little one of my own!!! Once I’m done with school I will be getting my teaching degree through alternate certification (if anyone has done this and can provide some insight I would greatly appreciate it) and hope to teach kindergarten or first grade.

Kent and I were best friends for a few years before it blossomed into something deeper. He is a little more reserved while I am more open and out there! He jumps on board and acts crazy with me sometimes but also knows how to rill me in. We have so much fun together and I am truly blessed to have him in my life ahh I get a tear in my eye just typing this. I really very blessed!

Before I met him I was close minded and only did things that fit into my little box. Through him I’ve opened my eyes and experienced some wonderful things that I would not have otherwise. Such as moving to China!
In my early 20’s I decided that I wanted to pack up and move to China to teach English and that’s what I did. I sold everything I owned except what I could fit into 2 suite cases and moved to a rural area called Zhuhai. I left a piece of my heart in Zhihai. I’ve been back in the states for 4 years but I still miss China dearly! During my time in Zhuhai I had some wonderful food, traveled, made some strong friendships, and realized just how much I loved Kent. I moved back to TX, we bought our house, got engaged and here we are.

Although we’ve lived in our home for sometime we are still putting our mark on it. I’m not sure if you are ever really done working on your house. There is always something that needs to be revamped or spruced up. I love to decorate and be crafty! Kent would say a little too much. He would be fine with just a couch and a T.V.! I got the decorating bug from my Mom and Grandmother who are both wonderful decorators. Since I am college student and with that usually comes low funds I love to find a good bargain! I use my home as my creative outlet and love hunting for the next “good deal”. I guess I would say our house is decorated in French décor with a modern twist. I’ve incorporated textures, patterns and rich colors like red, dark orange, gold, butter tones, black and green. I love all things with a damask print, zebra stripes, and polka dots. I try to incorpaete these in our home without going overboard but add a little fun and whim! I want our home to be cozy and inviting.

Another thing that you may see me referring to is my journey with weight watchers. I re-joined the program about a month ago. I’m loving the cook books I’ve collected and will be posting recipes from time to time. Kent is against anything diet but enjoys many of the W.W. recipes so don’t be afraid to make them for your family. They will never know!

This ended up being a lot longer than planned but I thought I would end the post with a few words that describe me to give you a feel of my personality:
Silly, funny, happy, procrastinator, dreamer, dramatic, planner (to my demise sometimes), loving, open minded, crafty, easily distracted (like right now, for some reason my stapler just caught my eye and I thought hum I need to buy staples, oh I need to write my grocery list. See what I’m talking about) and up for anything that would calculate fun!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my silly little blog.


  1. I love reading your "silly little blog" and who would have thought I just learned SO much about you in that short entry. Crazy!!! I knew you had lived in China for a while but didn't know any of the rest. So interesting. Isn't it amazing where God takes us? I am so glad you found Kent as well. He seems like such a nice guy and I was disappointed not to be able to sit down and really spend time with y'all at the wedding. I'm so excited you'll be getting your degree soon! I have a friend who did the alternative teaching program so let me know if you need help with anything and I'll ask her.

  2. Hi Kendra -- you look like a full-fledged princess to me!Thanks for letting me know you're an estate sale person (I'm more of an estate addict -- try to get to at least one per weekend!). You can definitely pick up good deals on day 2. If you get to know the people who run a lot of the sales in your area, they tend to be a bit more inclined to offer additional reductions (I sometimes get that without even asking!).

    Thanks for visiting Affordable Accoutrements. Hope we visit each other's blogs again and again!
    Very best regards,

  3. I never feel the need to comment on peoples blogs but after reading your blog for like 30 min....I am pretty sure I feel like I am reading about myself. That sounds crazy I know and I would have never done this otherwise but we have SOOOOOOOOO much in common. I just thought I would share. I am from DFW and love pretty much everything you listed!! Its just crazy! I am very new to the bloggin world and am still setting up my blog so feel free to check it out!


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