Monday, June 22, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

Today I’m linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures Monday! This is my first time linking up so let’s hear a BIG whopppeeeee!!! I included the items I purchased last Friday and a few things that were bought awhile back. I’ve enjoyed looking at everyone else’s finds as well. You guys find some great stuff!

I bought the silver vase for $2.00 at a yard sale. I see it all the time in little shops for MUCH more.

Flor de lis was purchase at Goodwill. Not sure how much. It was black but I spray painted it red and use it as a book end next to my photo albums.

Picture from Hobby Lobby $3.60, shelf from Ross $6.00. I’m going to spray paint the shelf black and put the two in my kitchen.

This teeny tiny crack saved me a lot of money. I bought this trunk at Marshalls for $18.00. I think that’s a great price. It was higher but since it was the last one left and it was messed up I asked them if they would take anything off. Did you know most stores will did that? It never hurts to ask!

I bought 3 of these plates at Hobby Lobby. They were higher than I would normally pay for a plate but they match my stuff perfectly. They were $6.00 each after being discounted %50. I’m going to hang them on the wall in my kitchen.

Ok on the thrift store finds

This was new in the box waiting just for me, still in the Styrofoam casing and everything $3.00!

Platters for a later project, $1.00 each

I was sooo excited about this one. Kent heard about it the whole day then had to hear me tell everyone about it the next day. I collect nutcrackers and was thrilled to find this antique nutcracker in great condition for $5.00 at an estate sale.

Will be getting rid of the print and doing something fun with the frame. It’s a great frame very heavy and unique. I didn’t really capture it well in the pictures. I think it was around $1.00.

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  1. Hi, you got a very cute cake stand. Was reading through your ME post and saw that you would like to teach first graders or kinderkids. I taught first grade almost for 30 years and have moved to Intervention Reading specialist at my school. I loved first graders because they really love to come to school and learn! Now that I've had kinderkids the past two years, I'm thinking First Graders are still the best! Good luck on your wedding plans.

  2. You found some beautiful treasures, I love the cake is so gorgeous and the plates are beautiful too :)

  3. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the comment on my blog. I enjoyd seeing your finds. I just recently got into Good Will and WOW!
    I liked your black and white plate from HL,, I got a couple too but different pattern. LOVE that stuff!
    And LOVE your cake stand!!!
    Thanks again,
    PS--ck the TJ Maxx, Khols, and Ross for letters (not sure where you are but they have them where I am-East)

  4. You found some great things!! I especially love the plate, vase and trunk! Thanks for stopping by JOY and good luck with school and wedding.

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with those platters. Our school has a bunch of them and I'd love to fix them up for the teachers.

    And I admit, I like the print inside the frame. That's cute.

  6. You scored some fabulous stuff - I love everything especially the cake platter, hobby lobby picture, and the silver vase! Your blog is so cute!

  7. Great stuff! I really love the black/white plates AND that cake stand. What a deal!

  8. Hey Girl !
    I love the stuff you found....a little spray paint will make wonders....come see my blog on all my re-dos ! I added my name to follow u as you are a great shopper (after my own heart !)
    Hugs ~ Kammy at Small Home in The Country

  9. I really like the utensil picture and the cake stand... all great stuff!

  10. Hi Kendra. I haven't heard that name since "The Girls Next Door" lol. Thanks for checking out my blog and for the sweet comment. I added you to my blog roll, but I'm not seeing myself in your followers list. But I promise I added you.

    Welcome to Rhoda's blog party. Rhoda is a mess. Sorry my comment was delayed. I've been swamped. Anyway, I love your thrifty finds. I hope you will post a photo once you have painted your shelf place and paired it with that cute silverware print.

  11. love everything you found! especially that cute black and white plate and that awesome trunk!

  12. Hello. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I can't wait to see what you do with your transfer paper. Belive me...once you do your first're hooked. It is so much fun. Have a great evening!! Leslie

  13. Great finds! I almost bought that same print at Hobby Lobby today. I thought it was so cute.


  14. Cute blog... isn't thrifting wonderful??? :)


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