Monday, June 29, 2009

Thrifty Treasures Time!

I’m linking up with Rhoda over at Today's Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality again this week! I loved looking at all the great finds last week and will be stopping by to take a peek at all the wonderful finds.

Found this at thrift store (I believe I paid $5). It was still in the box and had Christmas wrapping paper left on it. Too bad for the person that gifted it. I guess we know where our unwanted gifts turn up. It was meant to be placed inside a fire place sans logs but I put it behind the tub in my master bathroom. The candles are from IKEA.

Another thrift store find. I’ve had these two lovelies in my had for quite some time. I forgot how much I paid but I’m sure they were a steal!



  1. I bet your bathroom feels like a spa, with all those candles lit! Must be very relaxing! Great find!

  2. That candle holder is so nice & for $5--what a steal!

  3. Love the candelabra! So pretty! Great find!

  4. I agree with Carol--I bet your bathroom feels like a spa now. :) Mine feels like a zoo--I have to share it with the husband and two girls...our other full bath is downstairs. ;) Visiting from Rhoda's party!

  5. Love the tray :) How did you get the edges so crisp. I have tried my hand, but the edges always look crooked. Looks lovely!

  6. Wow, can't believe you got the candles too !
    Score !!!!
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  7. That candle stand is great! It's amazing what some people get rid of.

  8. What a lovely tray and candlesticks, Kendra! Where did you place them? I think using the larger candle holder in the bath was an ingenious idea. Turn off the overheads, light the candles, a little music..... aaaahhhh, take me away....

    To answer your question on my half-round table- it is part of a Hooker Furniture collection and came the way you see it. I am in the furn. biz and am addicted to nice things...LOL

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. With a late re-post due to computer issues, I missed out on a lot of comments earlier in the day, according to my counter. Oh well. Hope you'll be back again. :-) Sue


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