Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Create a Wreath Under $25.00 for Your Front Door

Wreaths can be quite costly if you purchase them pre-made. Of course you can get small ones with cheap flowers that look ok but if you want something a little larger with better quality flowers you are lucky to find one under $40.oo (and that is a steal). I’ve been on the hunt for a wreath that I love that is within my budget but have just not come across one so I decided to make my own! I thought I would share what I came up with in case anyone wanted to make one as well.

I took on this project knowing that Joann’s was having a huge sale (which helped a lot). The flowers were %50 off and the yellow garland was %70 off. If this is something that you want to do use a coupon whenever possible or wait until they mark things down.

Supplies: Grapevine wreath, spring floral garland, flowers to give the wreath a little pizzazz’s!

1st Step: I trailed the garland around the wreath and fastened it to the wreath with brown floral wire. This was super easy. You could just stop here if you wanted to…I think it looks great without the extra flowers as well, which would also cut down on cost.

2nd Step: I then took the orange flowers cut the stems leaving about 2 to 3 inches and placed them a bit off center onto the wreath. This is something you will need to play with to see what look you like best. I attached each flower with brown floral wire to the wreath and made sure they were on their good. I put my wreath on the front door so I knew it would be moved around a lot. I also removed the leaves from the steam and attached floral wire at the base of each leaf. I moved them around with them until I found a position for them that I was happy with and twisted the wire onto the wreath. This is the finished project!

Something fun, super easy, yet again cost effective (are you sensing a theme yet), and very fast! It took me about 15min to complete this whole project. Another great thing is that nothing is hot glued or hard to remove so if you ever want to change it up a bit it’s very easy to do so. While you are looking for flowers to place on your wreath you may want to find something that will look good throughout the different seasons. I chose yellow and orange knowing it would look great with our red brick, door color, and they were great colors for summer and fall.

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