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Fun and Cost Effective Ideas for a Baby Shower

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for one of my friends. I was put in charge of décor!! Since I’m a poor starving college student ;) I knew I needed to come up with some cute but cost effective ideas to give the shower a little pizzazz! The shower was for a baby boy but I think the theme and colors could be used for a unisex shower as well. I had ton of fun putting everything together and thought I would share some the ideas.

This is the print on the napkins and plates as well as the and theme for the shower. If you have time, purchasing your paper products online can save a lot of money! I’ve always find a better selection online as well.

I bought these bottles at Wal-Mart which just so happened to match the colors of the shower (black, pastel yellow, green, orange). I think they were around $2.00 for all 3. I just removed the nipples and used the bottles as a vase. The flowers came from a family member’s garden….what a great way to save! If this is something you want to do but do not have flowers on hand Costco and Sams usually has great prices on fresh flowers. Flowers are a great way to spruce up a shower and can be very cost effective if done right.

Baby jars filled with coordinating colored jelly beans and a tea light nestled inside. I was sure the jelly beans would melt once the tea lights got hot but they made it through the shower and well into the shower cleanup. We actually ate most of them after we were done cleaning. I bought the larger sixed jars, cleaned them out and put them in the washer to remove the glue that held the label on. Some jars had a bit of glue left after the wash so I just soaked them in warm water and soap.
This is a candy bar done on a budget. My friends aunt found tons of theme friendly candy!. I love a good candy bar. They can really add a lot of fun to your event!! Keep in mind they are expensive but can be done on a budget like most things. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

Inside the black frame is a note thanking the guest for celebrating the upcoming birth and instructions on what to do (I know it seems self explanatory but you know there is always that one person;o). There is an orange basket on the table that has little gift bags inside it for the guest to fill with candy. I bought the bags at Michaels. There were the perfect colors and size and they were under $2.00 for a set of 16!

I made this diaper cake as a gift to my friend. We also used it as a center piece on a table. I made the cake long before I knew I was responsible for the décor of the shower and themed the cake after the baby’s room. A diaper cakes does not have to match the theme of the shower but since we ended up using it for décor I would have rather it did….oh well it was still a BIG hit!
Oh the Games We Play…I’m not a BIG fan of shower games. They can be too structured, too long, and take away from the flow of the party. I did want to include games in my friends shower but wanted to find some that were NEW and did not take up too much time. Here are the ones we played
Draw a Baby (sounds simple right, but it’s not)
Everyone gets a paper plate and a crayon. Ask the guest to place the plate on top of their head and draw a baby to the best of their ability. Give them a short amount of time to complete the task and be sure to have them write their name on their plate. The mommy to be shows off the pictures to the guest and picks the winner! It was fun to see what people came up with!

What was Said the Night the Baby was Made (Did I catch your attention)
This is not really but something fun for the mommy and guest. While opening presents have the person that is writing who gave what also write a few things that are said while mom to be is opening her gifts (mom to be does not know this is going on). Some things that were said at the shower were: oh, it’s so soft and squishy, ahhh, it’s sooo little, how cute, you get the point. After all gifts are opened tell the guest that you were not only recording the gift list but a few things that were said the night the baby was made. Read the list and enjoy some laughs. This was a BIG hit and had everyone laughing!
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  1. You are such a little entrepreneur Kendra! :)

  2. I love the baby bottle vases! How creative. The candy bar is adorable. I bet everyone went home with a big sugar high. :)


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