Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lamp Makeover

I found this beauty at Good Will and had to have it! I bought it for $7.99 without a lamp shade. I think it was a little over priced considering the condition is was in when I found it. I tried to get them to go down but they wouldn’t budge. Knowing its potential I couldn’t leave it behind. What do you think, was it over priced or am I just really cheap?

Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home. The part that holds the lamp shade was all crooked and bent. I had to mess around with it for a bit, but I think I got it pretty straight.

Why is everything better with a little black spray paint? Ok, not everything but this lamp will be! I got out the ole trusty black spray pint to gussy this up a bit.

I love this lamp but wanted to update the space a little. I bought this lamp at Marshall's for $25.00 lamp shade included (which is a steal). It was one of my first purchases when we moved into our home almost 4 years ago.

I looked all over for a cute but cheap lampshade. I then realized there is no such thing so I decided to fancy it up myself. I found a little iron on decal at Jo Ann’s (love me some flor de lis ) and thought it would do the trick. I purchased the lampshade at Garden Ridge for (it hurts me to say it) $23.00. Lampshades are stinking expensive! Note to self, start hoarding cheap but cute lampshades found at Good Will.

Ta dah….a new face lift for our end table. The little red dish under the table was a Salvation Army purchase for $3.24.

I moved the dancer ladies. I think I like it better without them. What do you think?

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  1. I love the black that looks so cool. Now I'm on the hunt for old lamps to fix up.


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