Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Silly Little Rant

I’m on my way to the post office. It’s a bitter sweet trip. I’m shipping the shoes out that I fancied up a bit and posted on ebay. I’m soooo excited that they sold and have received a few special orders which I am even more thrilled about. It makes me sooo happy to know some little girl will be wearing something I created and hopefully enjoy them as much as I have!

I love the pink converse but am ok with letting them go. It’s the little cup cake mary janes I’m sad to see go. The buyer took awhile to pay for them so I was secretly hoping she would end up not wanting them, shhhh don’t tell her! But her payment went through and they are packed and ready to go. She sent me an e-mail telling me how excited her daughter is to wear her new shoes. I know, how sweet is that! I’m just sad to see them go….their sooo cute. I was thinking about saving them for my little one (if the payment didn’t go through). Oh wait I don’t have a little one unless you are talking about the furry kind.

Yea! for people taking interest in the items I posted
Boo for seeing these little jewels go.

I know, I know, I’m being crazy. You don’t have to tell me.


  1. Adorable! If I had a little girl, I would be all over them! :) Hmmm... maybe MOMMY should have a pair! LOL

  2. How very cute are these shoes????
    I love them. They make me happy!
    Thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Kendra--Oh my goodness. These are the cutest things ever! How exciting to know this little girl will soon be the envy of all her friends!I predict more orders for you! I clicked your FOLLOW button--I want to keep up with how your sell!


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