Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breakfast in Bed?

I’ve been on the hunt for a little tray, ya know in case Kent wants to surprise me with breakfast in bed ;) Well I found a nice sturdy one at Goodwill for $2.99! With a little love I knew this guy would fix up real nice.

Here he is all naked and shy….

And here he is strutting his stuff with new found confidence!

Little sanding and some red spray paint

A coat of Modge Podge with my handy dandy sponge brush (don’t ya just love sponge brushes) I then applied the scrapbook paper which turned into a small mishap (I talk more about that below). After I fixed the problem I applied more Modge Pogde to make sure scrapbook paper was sealed and waited for it to dry before the next step.
A little trick I learned for Lindsay! No need for transfer paper here. Just grab a section of well printed new paper, tape you stencil to the news paper, grab a ball point pen or pencil and go to town. Be sure to press firmly while tracing your stencil (I used online clip art to create my stencil) so the ink transfers to your hard surface. Lindsay used this trick on a primed wood table but I thought it might work for my project as well so I gave it a try…..and it did!

I used the obituary section. I felt a little bad for doing so but it was the only section I could find that had the most ink on it. I did tell the deceased that I was tracing over that I was sorry….does that make it better?

It’s hard to see in this picture but if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see the light line it left behind. After I moved the news paper away I used my pen to trace the lines the news paper left behind so they were more prominent, perfect for someone like me who can’t paint worth a flip. Give me a wall and a paint brush and I’ll go to town but ask me to free form something and you'll end up with something that looks like a 2 year old painted.

Got out my cheap RoseArt paint brush set, some black paint and went to town

Here’s the finished product. Not too bad for a gal that can’t paint!

This project took on a life of its own. I originally wanted it to be pale pink but decided that I would use it in the living room a lot and wanted it to match the house so I decided to go with red. The pink spray paint is waiting in my garage for another project. I also originally planned to use 2 full sheets of scrapbook paper but I didn’t give them enough room so when I applied the decoupage they wrinkled pretty badly. That’s when I decided to rip small pieces of the extra scrapbook paper to cover the wrinkles. It worked, but gave me much different effect than I originally planned. When I got done with decoupage step it reminded me too much of a fire house, you know Dalmatian and all so I decided to paint something in the middle. That’s when the fleur de lis came in. The end result is wayyy different that I planned but I think it’s fun and will be put to good uses when my classes start back up in the Fall. Total for this project was……$5.00, not too bad!

Breakfast anyone? Now I just need Kent to bring it up to me :)

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  1. Hello Kendra - oh my, that tray looks fabulous after its make-over! You did such a great job. Thank you for sharing!


  2. i love it! i think it turned out super-cute. and it would match my guest room perfectly!

    i myself bought some handles today for a yet to be found tray i've been searching for so i can do a similar project!

    great job, and way to go with the flow! =)


  3. And it turned out great! I never knew about the newspaper idea.

  4. I absolutely LOVE it! I am all into Fleur De Lis right now.

  5. Wow! What a great find at the thrift store... and now a cute tray. Hopefully breakfast will be served soon!

  6. That is the cutest tray I have ever seen! You could really sell those! I love how you took something someone gave away, and made it fabulous!!

  7. Oh! $2.99! I love it! And I love the red!

  8. I JUST got a serving tray. It's not as nice as yours, but it was $1. I love the red...You have inspired me! I think red might be in my future.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Hope to keep ya round'!

  9. Kendra, Love that tray. I love the fleur de lis, on anything these days. Cool idea. Marla

  10. Very cute, Kendra! I have 2 trays JUST like that & found them at yardsales years ago. I haven't done anything to them, cause they just stay in the closet until I need them. Can you still wipe those off? I like my smooth surface so probably won't change them. But I love how yours turned out.

  11. How fun! Don't you love the newspaper trick!

  12. i love red! turned out great. i have a tray that is in need of a re-do.

  13. My goodness, this is beautiful and unique! Thanks for passing along the tracing idea too, I never would have thought of it!

  14. Great Job!! Love the way it turned out.
    Thanks for the newspaper tip!! Cool!

  15. Way better - great vision !
    Hugs ~ ~Kammy

  16. The tray is really gorgeous, and I love the tip about using newspaper instead of transfer paper! Who knew?! Now if I could just get my decoupaging skills perfected. I always end up with bubbles!

  17. I used to have 3 of those trays for my 3 kids...now I wish I had them again. Your transformation is wonderful. I love it.
    Happy MYM
    Love Claudie from Canada

  18. LOVE IT! Those colors are perfect, wouldn't a nice cup of coffee with some chocolate chip pancakes look fabulous on it?

  19. Love it! It turned out so cute!

  20. I'd love to get breakfast on that tray!

  21. Nice transformation of your new red tray. I think the bunched up paper would make an interesting cover ALL over!! And it wouldn't even be a mistake. It would look like a an intentionally textured area. Just my mind working.... LOL

  22. What a great transformation! I really like the colors you used and the design you painted - wonderful job!

    Thanks for joining in this weeks Make Your Monday and I hope you can join us next week, too!

  23. Hi Kendra, I'm a little joining Rhoda's party this week, but had to pop in and say HI to a fellow Texan. I love the tray transformation--very impressive! I'm over here in Abilene--where are you?
    Hope you are having a wonderful week. I am, just read today's post on my blog...

  24. Kendra, found you through Rhoda's Party. Will be posting next week for sure. Just had to tell you how much I love, Love, LOVE your tray. Darling! I feel a craft project coming on.


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