Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sunflowers and Scrapes

Just and FYI if you have a queasy stomach you might want to look away when you get to the third picture below.

Well I followed suit by holding true to my title as “Domestic Princess in Training”. When will I ever make it out of training? At the rate I’m going I have no idea! We had family coming to stay with us during the 4th of July holiday. I wanted to gussy up the place with some bright and cheery flowers and thought sunflowers would do the trick. They are everywhere in Texas and I figured they were mine for the taking. Kent drove the getaway car just in case we were in someone’s way and needed to move. You should have seen people’s faces as they drove by. I can only imagine what they were thinking; me in my “house work clothes” with my big scissors out in a field cutting flowers while my fiancee looked on. Sounds pretty domestic to me but wait this is where the “in training” part comes in.

On my way back to the car my flip-flop got caught in a wire fence. I didn’t even see the fence. Leave it to me and my clumsiness to find it and trip over it. My first move as I lay on the ground was to see if anyone saw the awfully embarrassing fall. Lucky for me no was around!!! I got to my feet dusted myself off and walked back to the car broken flip-flop and flowers in tow. Kent didn’t even see me fall. He was too busy playing with his phone. He did say that he was glad he missed it because he would have cracked up! Ahhh isn’t he sooo sweet. ;o) He’s been a witness to too many of my clumsy mishaps over the years. Anyway I was wiping my leg off as we were driving away and noticed I was bleeding pretty badly. I didn’t even know that I cut myself. When I looked at my leg I had a long slice down my shin (pictures below, this is where you squirmy people should not look). Of course once I knew it was there it started burning like crazy but before than I didn’t feel anything. It made for a funny story at my family bbq! The flowers made it home safely and looked great placed throughout the house. Hummm not too sure they were worth the cut but now I know to look for the fence next time!

I cleaned out my spice cabinet awhile back threw out some old spices. I kept some of the glass canisters from the spices but am now wishing I saved ALL of them. I love placing fresh cut flowers throughout the house. We don’t have a big flower garden so I knew these would be the perfect size for a few wild flowers or some blooms from our flower pots.

These little guys lead to my clumsy mishap

Of course this happened when I needed to shave my legs. It was hard to shave around this thing. I tried to get as close to it as I could but there are still some stragglers left behind.

All cleaned up and not too bad.

All done! The tray on the bottom was a G.W. find ($1.00).

The spice jars were the perfect size and did the job.

I cheated on these and bought them at Kroger but they were only $6.00. They are soooo beautiful sitting on my kitchen counter. They give a nice pop of color. I know there was no transformation with these but they are just too pretty not to share.

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  1. Ouch! I felt the words "wire fence." Ouch! The flowers look great tho!

  2. Yowsers! Sorry about your leg. I agree with Jane and the flowers look awesome!


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