Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us Your Life

Today I’m linking up with Kelly for “Show us Your Dress”! Kent (my fiancee) and I are not married but in the mist of planning our 2010 destination wedding! My dress is about the only thing I can cross of my long wedding to do list. I'm not too crazy about planning a wedding. I want it to be simple and LOW STRESS! I wish I could get some pictures of it but it’s locked away at my Mom’s house. She knows me too well. If I stored it at my house I would find any reason I could to wear it; have you seen that Friends episode where Monica wears a wedding dress to wash dishes (ahh…Friends I miss it so)? That’s would be me!

What I was looking for
I wanted something strapless and timeless. I wanted to be able to look back at my wedding pictures and not think I was out of my mind for selecting my dress. I would love for my daughter (fingers crossed that we have a little girl some day) to wear my dress at her wedding if she wanted to. Can you tell I’m a planner by that last sentence? I think I found something that is timeless and not too trendy. I’m really in love with it!

Sorry about the bad pictures. David’s no longer carries this dress and I do not have any pictures of me in it so this is all I could find.
How this Beauty Came to be MINE!
I stopped into Davids Bridal to pick up my maid of honor dress for my best friends wedding. My Mom was with me and suggested that I try on a few dresses “just for fun”. Kent and I has just got engaged and not even set a date but I sure love wedding dresses so I thought, why not! We picked out a TON of dresses. My dress was the 1st one I tried on! My Mom started crying when I walked out of the dressing room. I thought it was because she had never seen me in a wedding dress but later found out that she was crying because she knew it was THE DRESS! She didn’t want to influence my decision too much right off the bat tell me since it was the first dress I had ever tried on. Little did she know I knew it too! Who would have thought you could connect with a dress. Well let me tell ya me and my dress connected that afternoon. I tried on several others but noting made me feel like the first one. So I left that day with a brides made dress and a wedding dress! I cant wait to wear it on the BIG day!

I purchased it in ivory which is more this color than the picture above.

Ahh I love the bead work!

Just for FUN here is a link to watch the clip from Friends that I was talking about above. It still cracks me up!


  1. The dress is beautiful. I love your story about your mom... it happened like that for me and my mom too... Moms always 'know' don't they? :)
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I'm sending you warm thoughts for stress-free planning!

  2. I can't believe they don't still have that dress. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love, love, love it and wish you had pictures of you in it! You will make a beautiful bride!

  3. Beautiful dress! It looks so dreamy!!! Just relax and enjoy every minute of your planning. Make decisions that make you happy and your day will be perfect!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with the planning.

  5. My mom new too when I tried mine on! Her and my best friend just sat there quiet staring at me! haha! I love your dress and can't wait to see how the wedding is progressing! Keep updating! I wanted a destination wedding, but we had too many guests!

  6. I love your dress! Do you know where you may have your destination wedding at? So exciting, I'm going to follow so I can "watch" you as you plan! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. ohhhhh, I likey! I dont' think I have ever seen anything like that before, yet it is very classic. Good taste! And thank you for the congrats... it made me smile. =)

  8. KENDRA,
    The dress is stunning and I joined your blog as a follower so I can see pictures of you in this beautiful dress. I would also like to invite you to join my blog...I your pink tiaria photo.
    Do you know as of yet where you will be married at....
    stop by and see me sweet girl
    angel hugs

  9. That is one gorgeous dress! And what I wouldn't give to have found mine the very first try! Lord, I must have tried on about 50 dresses at 5 different stores before I finally found mine. Phew, and trying on those honking things takes a lot of energy, they're so heavy and require so much effort to lace up, or whatever. Congrats on your engagement; I am so jealous of your destination wedding; that is exactly what I wanted, but the parents weren't having it! =)


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