Friday, July 31, 2009

Something Cheap and Easy!

No need for me to break this one down for you guys…’s just too easy! It literally took me a few minutes. This is a wonderful way to store your plastic grocery bags! Yes I do recycle most of them at the plastic bag drop off in my local grocery store and I have a set of cloth bags that I mainly use but sometimes a gal needs a plastic bag.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.........

Tape or glue will work
Roll, roll, roll......
and stuff, stuff, stuff (stuff as many bags as you can fit)

All done!
After you’ve rolled your wrapping paper or wall paper or whatever you decide to use tape or glue the paper to the roll to keep it from unraveling. After it's secured cut off the excess paper from the ends of the roll leaving about 1inch or so to work with. Gently tuck ends inside paper towel roll. Once they are tucked in use a little glue to secure them. This will keep the paper intact when you are pulling plastic bags out for use.

So many things you can do with thisLeave it under your car seat in case you’re in a pinch and need a plastic bag (nauseous little one, wet swim suit, trash bag for the car, one of the dogs went # 2 at the park and your don’t have any poop bags on hand, I could go on and on). If you have an older child hang one of these bad boys on the inside of their bedroom door as replacement bags for their trash can. Who knows it might push them to take out their trash more often. I’ve tried just leaving extra bags in my car but when I get it cleaned they always throw them away. This way they are tucked nicely under my seat and ready to go if I need one!
Disclaimer: I’m All about recycling so be sure to reuse these little guys when you can or recycle them at a local plastic bag drop off.


  1. Kendra ~ what an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. cute! i'd like to have one in each of my bathrooms, because it just irritates me to have to go get new bags from the pantry every time i empty the bathroom trash! =)

  3. Cute idea! You're so creative!

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  5. What a great idea! I need something like this for my car! Thanks for the "tutorial"!

  6. What a great idea! I really need one of these in my car. I like your blog - came across it while browsing.

  7. Adorable! You are so right on about putting one in the car!!! Great idea!

  8. Very very cute idea!
    Enjoyed seeing this on met monday.

  9. That's soooo easy even I can do it! Love it!



  10. What a great idea! I'm always needing to throw something away in the car.

  11. I love the under the car seat idea! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Very creative! I also love the idea of keeping one under the seat in the car.

  13. This is pure genius! I need to make one to keep in the bathroom drawer. Hopefully it will help my boys remember to replace the bag when they take out the trash. ;)

  14. Great and useful idea! I can always use plastic bags in my car! The dog poop idea and I are VERY familiar...

  15. Brilliant, I tell you brilliant! I had seen a lysol wipes container used for this, but thought it was a little too big for some of my needs. This is perfect for those places you just need a couple of bags like under the bathroom sink. Thanks!

  16. This is great! I could see adding ribbon to have it hang if you wanted. I re-use any plastic bags we get as trash can liners in our bathrooms and bedrooms. You're right, it's always good to have one or two in the car, too.

  17. What a great idea. Such a pretty solution!!!

    Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!



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