Monday, February 01, 2010

Join Me for a Spot of Tea

We celebrated my aunt’s 55th birthday last week with at spot of tea (in my best English accent) at Lavender House in Mckinney Texas. It was beautiful and I thought you might enjoy coming along.
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 016
The décor was French with a bit whimsy mixed in.
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 017

They had beautiful chandlers hanging throughout the restaurant
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 019

Love these! They has several hanging at different levels in the front window. I bet they look beautiful all lit up at night.
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 061

They also have a little sitting area with a full bar and this beauty. Our server played a special birthday song for my aunt. It made her day!
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 062

Love, love, love the comfy black chairs and toile table cloths. They really made the space feel cozy. I could have sat and chatted all day!
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 056
And my favorite part……….
On the count of three, 1, 2, 3, OHHH AHHHH! Aren’t these silver tea urns fabulous? I just couldn’t take my eyes off them!
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 054
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 052

Ok, enough walking around lets seat a spell and have some tea (again in my best English accent)! Ummm I think I’ll have the Earl Gray. What about you?
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 049
  saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 033

Are you hungry? I took the liberty of ordering for you, Italian chicken noodle soup, and pecan chicken salad served over mixed greens.
saundra55th bday, tea house, blog 037
The afternoon was fabulous and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my aunt’s 55th birthday. Thanks for coming along. Hope you had a lovely time!


  1. omg! so pretty love all the french decor'!!!

  2. I so want to go there....



  3. I'm def. going to have to go there! I have been to downtown mckinney, but haven't been there! It's so pretty. The shops are good down there, but sooooo exspensive!

  4. Now I'm hungry! LOL! What a great place!

  5. Kendra,

    This is my first visit to your sweet blog and after reading through some of your posts I know I will be returning. I enjoyed seeing this tea shoppe. We have one in a neighboring town and I often treat my mother to tea and scones.


  6. What a cool place! I would love it there!!!

  7. CUTE restaurant! I want to go there too now! :)


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