Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 Homemade Costume Parade


Sorry I’m posting this late. I had to take a little trip to the ER over the weekend so things were a little out of whack!

I’m fine and have a funny story to tell. I’ll fill you in on a later post. I will tell ya that it has something to do with a pumpkin and there is no way you’re ever going to guess how a pumpkin caused my trip to the ER. If you’re a fan on facebook don’t spill the beans! :o)

Let’s get this parade started!


Just in case you would like a little parade music





How precious is this little ty zebra!



Halloween_2009_022  Halloween_2009_021

Ruth used her sewing machine for the 1st time to create this super cute puppy costume. She did an awesome job! Love the face painting as well!






I cracked up when I saw this one…..hilarious! Deborah used a trash can for the body and a salad bowl for the hat. He looks just like R2D2!



100_2488    100_2491


How sweet! A little baseball player his cheerleaders aka twin sisters.





Love this flash back picture! What little boy wouldn't like to be a conductor of his very own train for Halloween. 



DSCN1569  DSCN3296


Beth Anne has some awesome sewing skills! Love it when a family dresses up as group!


October_2009_532   October_2009_060


Amy sewed her family's costumes without patterns. Can I just tell y’all how jealous I am of all your awesome sewing skills. Learning to sew is on my “Must Do in 2010” list so I better jump on it! Amy’s daughter completed the cast as Tinker Bell but her costume was not homemade so she shared a pic of her in her cute homemade tutu.  




Talk about thinking outside the box! Margie found a yellow dress at Goodwill bought some yellow tulle and turned it into a Belle dress that would put a store bought Belle costume to shame! Margie if you ever want a job at Disney I’m sure they were hire you to play Belle… look just like her!



n20603003_31444883_1785  n20603003_31444889_4844


This is a great idea! Tyler dressed up as a Treasure Troll. Look at that hair!  :o)




This is another one that made me giggle! Traci made her own baseball costume.This would be a fun idea for a kiddo as well.





Jill threw this together last minute to wear on Halloween while she was teaching a 3rd grade class. I’m sure the students loved her costume!  





Jill sent this picture in as well. How cute are they! She mentioned in her e-mail that she is not crafty but I beg to differ. Looks like you’re pretty crafty to me Jill. These are GREAT costumes!



Danica_Patrick Source

     Jennifer dressed up as Danica Patrick. She did an awesome job on her costume!



This is my friend Jared. We jokingly call him a stage mom. He comes up with the best costume ideas for him and his wife. This was taken a few years back but it’s one of my favorites! He was the Travelocity Roaming Nome.





This was me couple years ago. I was Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I bought the dress at Goodwill and found some fun costume jewelry and a little Tierra at local wholesale jewelry store. Not my best costume but it was fun feeling fancy for the night.  



halloween 09 036  I’ve posted this picture several times but just in case you missed it here it is again. :o) Last year Kent and I went as Jon and Kate. I had so much fun wearing a wig. It was nice to get away from my big curly hair for a bit.


BIG thanks to everyone who sent in a picture!

Be sure to take a moment to visit their blogs and say hi! 


Take lots of pictures of your homemade costumes this year because we’re going to do this again when Halloween rolls around next year. :o)


I planned on picking up something fun for our prize over the weekend but my little ER mishap put a damper on my plan. I’ll pick something up this week and will let you know when we have a prize and a winner! :o)


  1. Hahaha yaayyy that makes me feel special!

  2. These are sooooooo fun!! What a hoot :) and could you and Kent be any stinking cuter last year :) I love that he's such a good sport in dressing up too :)

  3. This was so fun to participate in & come back to see all the costumes!

    Love that you & your husband went as Jon & Kate ... Your definitely in character with your hands around his neck! LOL

  4. Loving all these cute Halloween pictures. Such a great idea to have a parade like this. My kids were like "hey, that looks like Nate in the R2D2 costume" They were thrilled when I told them it WAS him. Thanks for letting us participate.

  5. Loved your costume from last year.. HAHAHA!


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