Tuesday, October 05, 2010

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3971731457_be69456d46[1] Wanted to let you know that this weekend’s pumpkin patch mini session is now open to couples and fur babies aka dogs! :o) If you live in the DFW area and would like to join in please shoot me an e-mail at kendrapryorphotography@gmail.com.


I’ve added more time slots!


For more info click HERE!






Have you tried this project?

A few of you did and were sweet enough to send me links and pictures of your finished product. Love that!

If you’ve given this bad boy a go send me a picture (domesticprincessintraining@gmail.com) or link.

I would love to see it!

I want to showcase your finished product here next week! I’ll have the post up of towards the end of the week so if you still want to give it a go you have some time!

If you missed it and want to see how I threw this together click HERE



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Don’t forget about our Halloween costume parade this Sunday!

Keep your pictures coming!

It would be really sweet and I would love you forever if you posted/tweeted/facebooked about our little parade. The more costumes the better!!

More info HERE




Wrap up

-More info about the pumpkin patch mini sessions: HERE
-How to make your own super easy fall center piece: HERE
-More info about our homemade costume parade: HERE

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  1. LOVE LOVE your blog! You are so creative and craftylicious! Thank you for the inspiration and thrifty decorating ideas. :)


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