Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pumpkin that Sent Me to the E.R & We Have a Winner!


Last Saturday started out like any other day (insert sarcasm here). :o)

IMG_2779-edit I woke up at the crack of dawn.



IMG_2791-editWashed dirt off pumpkins.



IMG_2788-editEnlisted my mom for a little help moving hay out to the pasture.


You know, just typical Saturday chores. :o) 


Skip forward several hours……
(That’s when everything started going downhill.)


You may not know this about me but I’m very clumsy. Being 5’ 9” and having huge feet does not help the situation!


My work day was coming to an end when I tripped was attacked by a pumpkin. My toenail just happened to catch the pumpkin at the right angle and scrapped down the side of the pumpkin as I was trying to regain my balance.


My toe was hurting pretty bad so I looked down and freaked out when I saw that my foot was covered in blood and there was a little orange chunk of something sticking out of my toe….holy moly! Now keep in mind I was still working during this. Kent and my mom who were my helpers for the day stayed in the background while I scampered around taking pictures.


I looked at Kent after I saw my foot and gave him that “OH MY GOSH do you see this!” face. He now tells me he was freaking out too but didn't want to react so he didn't further scare me (just like we do when little ones fall). Sometimes your reaction is what scares them not the fall.   


I hobbled though my last session. 
I’m so happy it happened at the end of the day. I had a session booked every 30 minutes from 9am-6pm. I would have felt awful if I had to cancel due to my clumsy mishap!    


After things calmed down and everyone was on their way I set down and inspected my pumpkin toe. My mom and Kent were sure they could pull the pumpkin skin out with tweezers.


Let’s stop that part of the story there!
Let me just say that there was a lot of screaming and ugly crying during all this. I’m talking mouth open, jaw quivering, gasping, type of cry! It was NOT pretty! Kent who has been in my life for 10 years and has seen me though it all says that he has never seen me cry that hard before.


After giving it a go we had no such luck getting the pumpkin skin out so we decided it was time to take a little trip to the emergency room. This was of course after I tried to talk Kent into letting me leave it in there. :o)


 If you have a queasy stomach
you may want to stop here!


iphone pic 

Do you see the pumpkin skin? We had no idea how big the chunk was at this point.


The staff at the E.R had a grand time hearing the story. You should have seen the nurse trying to figure out what to type on my file. She kept saying “You kicked the pumpkin….You tripped OVER the pumpkin…’re SURE it’s pumpkin skin in there.”


My poor doctor was a sweet soft spoken older gentleman. Ha, poor thing. I was his last patient before he headed home and I’m sure I drove him nuts!

I tend to ramble (as I’m sure you already know). While Dr. Bob was trying to assess the satiation I was going on and on and sounding something like this……….

What are you doing?
How bad is this going to hurt?
I bet you don’t see someone with pumpkin in their toe everyday!
How in the world am I going to have a baby I can barely stand this!
It’s a seasonal injury!
I bet you wouldn't see something like this in August.
What’s your name?
I’m so glad I got a pedicure yesterday!
Oh I’m sorry I’m crying I know it looks like I’m being a baby it just hurts SO BAD!  
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT….what are you doing now?
Let’s talk about this! 
Oh I think we should just leave it in. I’ll be fine! 
Now you have a fun story to tell when you get home. 
Do you have kids?

Poor guy! I’m sure he was ready to be done with me. I tried really hard to get him to laugh but it just didn't happen. Kent was cracking up though. :o) 




iphone pic

Dr. Bob gave me a few shots on the top of my toe to help elevate some of the pain. I’m sure he wished he had some type of shot that would shut me up!


Do you see how big the needle is? If you look close you can see the actual needle. It was LOOOONG! Dr. Bob told me it would hurt but I really didn’t care as long as I had some relief.   




iphone pic

After the 1st set of shots Dr. Bob went to town. I could still feel everything he was doing so he jammed the needle right in the tip of my toe (the sweet spot). Ahhhh….relief! I didn't feel a thing after the last shot!


He had a hard time getting the pumpkin out and told me that he may need to remove my toe nail. I couldn't feel a thing so I didn't really care what he did.


Dr Bob deiced he would give it one more try……….




iphone pic

and pop the pumpkin skin was out! Dr Bob was shocked at how large the piece of pumpkin was. He actually showed a little emotion as we all looked at it in awe. All three of our jaws open in shock! It was as long as my toe and not only long but thick as well. No wonder it hurt so bad! 


Dr. Bob started to open up.
He told me how people use to jam bamboo and other objects up peoples toe and finger nails as a form of torture.


At the beginning of the process I asked him if he was me would he have bit the bullet and let someone take it out at home or would he have gone to the ER for a little help. He told me that he would have stayed home and took the pain. After he removed the pumpkin I asked him again and he quickly changed his answer. He said there was no way he would have been able to do it.


See I was not being a baby….it really hurt! :o)


My toe is beat read, swollen, and resembles a sausage. I have a hard time walking and it starts throbbing if anyone even thinks about touching it but it’s MUCH better and I’m sure will continue to get better every day! My toenail is still attached on the sides so DR. Bob said it should be fine and will be as good as new as long as I don't knock it on anything. 


I always wear my rain boots during a photo shoot. For some reason I didn't on the occasion. Let’s just say lesson learned! :o)




The Prize

Southern Living: Our Readers Top-Rated Recipes, Good Bo
Click HERE to flip through the cookbook. I will say that I’m a little jealous. This is a great cookbook! They only had one copy left or I would have picked up another for myself. :o)


Now time for our winner!


baseballhalloween Traci submitted a picture of her homemade baseball costume! Love it!
Traic e-mail me your address so I can mail your prize to you. :o)

Still trying to decide what you and or your little one is going to be for Halloween?

Come on over to Domestic Princess in Training’s facebook page. I’m sharing pictures and links of homemade costume ideas for little ones and adults!


  1. YAY I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I'm an awful cook so this is a great prize for me!!!! I'm emailing you now!

    I'm so glad you posted about the toe because when I saw on FB what happened I didn't understand. Who knew skin off a pumpkin could do so much damage???

  2. What a crazy accident!? At least it makes a great story :) Glad everything turned out okay with your toe in the end!

    You should have taken a pic of the skin by your toe, but seriously.. OUCH!
    I'll never wear flippies around pumpkins again!

  4. Ha! You're awesome! I enjoyed meeting you at the pumpkin patch session and can't wait for my family session! Hang in there! :)

  5. Wow. I'm sure I would have been crying just as hard if that would have been in my foot!! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!

  6. As a nurse - I love the story - we love most things gross and painful :) Ouch! Glad it's out and you're better :)

  7. oh no that is horrible but kind of a funny story! Glad you got it out and are all better :)

  8. Oh my gosh! I'm glad the dr ended up showing you some compassion. I can't imagine how bad that would hurt!

  9. Oh my gosh, I was cringing!!!! I am so glad you are ok. Rest up!!!

  10. OUCH!!! I'm so glad that you went to the ER. I can't imagine trying to remove that on your own!

  11. Poor Kendra. I'm glad Dr. Bob was able to remove it without messing up your pedicure. FEEL BETTER! La

  12. Oh my God, that sounds like it HURT! You poor thing.

    Funny thing is that I have a friend that is a photographer & she is always having the craziest accidents during shoots. Anything to get the picture....:)

  13. Oh man, this looks so painful. I could actually feel my toes curl in my shoes while I winched looking at it.

    Glad that you're okay though!

  14. I'm sorry, but this made me laugh :)

    I'm glad it's out and it's starting to heal though!


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