Friday, December 10, 2010

Wrapping With My Homeies



That’s right! I enlisted my homies for a little help wrapping gifts…..OR perhaps they happened to be on the floor as I have yet to finish decorating for Christmas….believe what you want!

I made sure to invite the ones that had some sweet tools I could use.

Oh, “How do I plan to use the drum?” you ask. I just invited him to drop a little back beat while we got our wrap on (get it?).



             IMG_8589-edit      IMG_8577-edit

I went a little tulle crazy! What can I say it’s cheaper than ribbon AND it makes great bows!




One of my “homies” came up with the idea to double up coordinating paper. Yet another thrifty way to gussy up your wrapping job.














Tag making station

I picked up the large tag shaped cutter at Michaels (they’re on sale right now). It’s not cheap BUT I justified the purchase by saying I can use it ALLLLL year long.

I did the same for the wrapping paper I bought that I did not need! I justified THAT purchase by saying I could use most of it year round if I paired it with a fun, funky colored bow AND it waaaasss 50% off! Yes, that justification made the purchase alllll good! I then had to further explain my BIG idea to Kent when he saw me walking in the door with a big smile on my face and arms full of unnecessary wrapping paper.

I made a few tags out of sheet music (bought at GW), scrapbook paper, and wrapping paper…..all things I had on hand!

My plan is to save the Christmas cards we receive this year and use the tag cutter to cut tags out of some of the Christmas cards for next year’s gift tags. That’s the plan at least.



When it was time to clean up my homies gave me the back. I’m not really sure what “gave me the back” means but it sounds good so we’ll run with it!




I even caught one trying to flee the scene. I think he was trying to “blend in” with the Christmas tree.




My vicious guard dog brought him back to the posse then proceeded to whipped their hinny's into shape! “CLEAN, nutcrackers, CLEAN!” she said. Doesn’t she look mean!

Then, Kent aka her boyfriend walked in the door………..



and her veracious rein was over.

(Sorry Kent, this is not the most flattering picture of you but it goes with the story. It’s for the sake of the blog. I ‘m sure you understand. Winking smile)


  1. haha, cute pictures! You found out MY secret weapon for wrapping!!! TULLE! I have spools and spools of it in EVERY color, it makes even MY crappy wrapping look good. I have so many gifts to wrap I can't even stand to think about it... Yours look great!

  2. What a great idea to use Christmas cards to make tags! I love the wrapping paper!!

  3. Beautiful wrappings! I need to get inspired and start wrapping gifts!!

  4. What a cute post! Now, will you ask your homeboys where mine are hiding? Cause I can't find them anywhere!

  5. Can you pleeease post a tutorial on how to make a tulle bow like you did?
    I tried...and failed.

  6. Wow! Beautiful presents! I've never used tulle to wrap presents...perhaps I'll have to start! :)

  7. Too fun! Love to read your posts and look at the cool pics.

  8. I got that green polka dot paper from Hobby Lobby too! Before I decided to try to "use up" what was already open so that I didn't have the same wrapping paper every year until 2013. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulle. Simple and fussy all at once ;)

    P.S The dog with the nutcrackers is killing me.

  9. Your gifts looks so beautiful!!!
    Did I miss a full shot of your tree? It looks amazing in the background!

  10. I think with those packages you should be promoted to queendom. Beautiful! Did you make the rose out of bridal illusion, too?


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