Thursday, January 06, 2011

Blog Sale Info–Want a Sneak Peek?


If you missed this morning’s post click HERE to see why this random but awesome sale is going on tomorrow morning! On a side note let me say THANK YOU for you very sweet comments about Parker! They really do mean a lot! I’ve been meaning to sale these sweet camera straps for some time. Nothing like steep vet bills to get my booty in action!

As some of you know I do not know how to sew but Kent’s mom is an awesome seamstress!

She rocks!

After paying a pretty penny for a camera strap cover from a well know seller? maker?…….oh whatever you get the point and waiting FOREVER to get my product I was very upset with the quality. There were uneven stitches all over the place and it was paper thin!

For the price I paid and the amount of time I waited (well over a month!) I would at the very least expect a quality product. When I showed the item I ordered to my mother-in-law she shook her head and was shocked at the amount I paid for it. No joke…she really did shake her head!

So what did we do?

We headed out to the fabric store. I got to pick out the fabrics and she used her awesome sewing skills to whip these bad boys up!

I planned on selling them on eBay but thought I would give you guys 1st dibs! 


Without further ado let me introduce you to the camera strap covers!








IMG_0479-editwmDragon Lillie





IMG_0488-editwm  Tulip


The sale starts tomorrow morning at 10:30 am! There is a limited quantity available and the sale will be 1st some 1st serve. I’ll have a new post going up tomorrow morning with payment details and how to place you order.

Each camera strap……..
-Is reversible
-Has a ruffle design on one side
-Has a lens pocket
-Includes extra padding for comfort

These add ons are ALL included! You will NOT have to pay extra for these options like you do with other retailers.

All straps are $18.00 except Tulip which is $15 (more on that tomorrow).


Hope you’re able to stop by tomorrow morning!

Pretty please with sugar on top tell your friends about our little sale.

I’ll love your forever and Parker will give you a BIG kiss…..if you like doggie kisses that is. If not just know he’ll just be tickled that you helped spread the news! :o)



  1. SO CUTE! I will order one when I get home from work!

  2. If we live close by can we pick them up to save on shipping $$ ??? :)


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