Friday, October 12, 2012

What it’s Like to Workout for 6 Hours–Shaun T’s STRIDE Certification


IMG_20121004_120922                                              I’m kind of in love with my cutup Kelly K. workout shirt.


1 fitness certification down why not go for an second one!

This time around I got certified to teach S.T.R.I.D.E which is Shaun T’s (as in Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs guy) new toning/hip-hop format.

Holy mother of Francis

We had to earn that certification……

6 hours of dancing, squats, pushups, planks

Oh my

I work out a lot BUT I even shocked myself. I had no idea I could survive 6 hours of that. We’re talking Biggest Looser last chance type of workout. Okay maybe not that cray-cray but it was challenging for sure!


My certification is good for 2 years but I had so much fun that I wouldn’t be upset if I had to do it again.


IMG_20121006_155829My friend and workout buddy Allison took the course with me.
It’s always more fun when you have a buddy to do things like this with am I right?



IMG_20121006_162840Our course instructor Danielle


The S.T.R.I.D.E format ROCKS!

You get your groove on then drop to the ground and hold a plank. Get your groove on and throw in some squats. Get your groove on then break it down with s series of pushups.

Yep it pretty much has awesomesauce all over it!


Little clip we recorded during the certification Smile





Watch this so you can see what class is like.
I’m wayyyyy in the back last row all black with light shoes.


Doesn’t that look like fun?


Our closing thoughts on the experience.
We were a little giddy and delirious at this point.


If you live in the DFW area work in the fitness industry and are looking
for new formats to add to your location let me know!





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  1. OMG I'D LOVE TO DO THAT.. all we have is Zumba in our area... Apparantley I need to relocate but then I'd probably spend my whole day doing nothing but dancing

  2. That kind of looks fun, but also like it might kill me!
    I love the video you made in the changing room, and yes, it is a very good there were not any naked people changing in the background! LOL


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