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Friends Fitness and my Story

I watch what I eat and I bust my butt at the gym. I’ve worked really hard to get to the point I’m at today but I owe much of my weight loss success to my gym buddies!

There is no way I would have come this far without them!

Source: EatLotsOfCurry

I’m a people person and thrive on having social interaction. I work long hours and am in my office alone most of the day. Hitting the gym is my release. During my high seasons I don’t have tons of time to visit with my friends and family. Thankfully they know how crazy my schedule can be and are understanding! Most of my time is divided between work, my husband, my home, and the gym. Knowing that I’m a people person I needed to get that social interaction in somewhere! It’s an important key to my happiness!

Having that social component in my workout was a huge perk for me!
It wasn’t something I even gave thought to. You go to the gym to sweat then you go home. Right? At least that’s what I used to think about my gym time but you can get so much more from your workout!  It’s doesn’t have to be boring and routine.




There was a time when I dreaded going to the gym. I had to literally pep talk myself into every single workout. If there was a way out I would take it! I found myself cycling in and out of workout binges where I would be so driven and focused then totally drop the whole thing and not step foot in the gym for months.

I was struggling with my weight. I noticed that I lived a healthier lifestyle when I was working out regularly but I just couldn't get that part of the puzzle to fit. You know why? Because I had not found a workout that was fun. A workout that clicked for me. Let me tell ya, I’ve tried them all! Sure there were some that I liked but nothing I was committed to.

If I was going to stick to something it would have to be something that I loved, something that would make me excited to go to the gym!

WHAT, be excited to go the gym? 
Yes, I promise it’s possible!


I started attending a cardio dance class called DANCEATON which is offered at several 24 Hour Fitness locations within my area. As you know I LOVE to dance!  DANCEATON is fast and the endurance level was more challenge then what I experienced in other cardio dance classes. When people ask what DANCEATON is I tell them it’s like Zumba on steroids….we’re talking air jacks, pushups, and ab work all while you dance. 


I had found my fun workout!
That was the 1st part in making this whole thing click

Valentine’s Day!
We’re always looking for a reason to dress up for class. This is my friend Emma and I with Gaby, the creator of DANCEATON.


I was loving DANCEATON, going as often as I could, seeing changes in my body, and starting to build friendship with people I met in class. This was awesome because not only was I looking forward to working out I was excited to socialize and see my friends. My gym friends are different than my other friends. Don’t get me wrong I love and value my other friends but these new friendships I was starting to form were a little different………

*We are working towards the same goal. *

*We support each other on our shared journey.*

  *We motivate and push one another.*

If someone is not in class when they should be they get a call. On Monday’s my friend and I text our weekly weigh in to each other. When we eat out together we help each other make healthy meal decisions. Sometimes we stay after class and do weights or cardio together. It was the support system I so desperately needed to jump start my journey.  




Something else I noticed about my gym buddies was that everyone is happy and positive! They say working out is a great way to relieve stress and creates endorphins (which make you happy) and well, I believe them whoever “they” are. There is nothing like a good workout to lift your spirit. Happy positive people are my favorite type of people! :) 




We have fun during DANCEATON. We sweat and work hard but we smile and laugh a lot!


Not only did I connect with my new friends during class we started spending time together outside of class as well. We have coffee together. We meet for dinner. We plan fun activities. I ran my 1st 5k with my new friends and have another run coming up in the spring. We’re just a group of happy people enjoying life and working towards a common goal.

When you surround yourself with people that have the same goals and outlook on life as you do it’s extremely empowering!



We enjoy taking DACEATON but also pull together to attend other classes as well. This year one of my resolutions was to do more weights and boot camp type classes. It’s great to have friends who are as jazzed about working out as I am to attend new classes with. I’m starting to get back into spin and do boot camp and weights twice a week. We have our own little DANCEATON corner that we all flock to when we attend other classes. Not sure I would have branched out in my workouts if it wasn’t for these guys! 

I would have NEVER imagined that I would build connections like this in a workout class.



And so my journey continues……..
I’m hoping to reach my goal weight by my 30th birthday in August!


This was me on my 29th birthday. Barely squeezing into a a size 16 and wearing an XL.



During my Journey

Still working on my hip-hop face. My dance teacher taught me this one!

This is me now. A size 12 and wearing wearing a medium!


If you’re struggling with your workout or if you need a little kick to get started it’s time to find your sweet spot! I promise you will not stick to what you’re doing long term unless you find some type of joy or passion in your workout.

-If you’re a people person like myself buddy up with someone. Make sure it’s someone that is as dedicated as you and has the same goals.

-If you workout at a gym try several classes and introduce yourself to someone you stand next to. I know this can be a little uncomfortable but sometimes putting ourselves in a new and uncomfortable situation helps up grow!

- Update your play list with fun upbeat songs that you love rocking out to.

-Try a fun new exercise DVD. I know you can rent them for free from them library. If you’re a member of Netflix they have tons of workout DVDs you can rent. I’ve also found a lot of great stuff on youtube. Maybe I’ll do a post with links to some of my favs.

-Join a local workout group. Have you ever heard of It’s full of free groups that are dedicated to all types of things. I’ve seen hiking groups, mommy mall walking groups just to name a few. Most of these groups are free. Just a bunch of people connecting over something they have in common.

I could go on and on about this! There are so many ways you can get your booty moving or jazz up your workout! You just can’t make excuses and need to get started!

Keep trying new things until you find your sweet spot!

There are days that I don’t want to go to the gym. When that happens I visit my health board on pinterest for a little motivation! It works!!!


I was having a bad day last week but thought about this little guy and got my butt to the gym!

Source Unknown


To my gym buds THANK YOU!
Thank you for giving me a hard time if I’m slacking in class.
Thank you for introducing me to new classes that kick my butt!
Thank you for pushing me to do doubles and even triples!
Thank you for listening, supporting, and inspiring!
Thank you for saying “You can Do it!”

Would you like to try DANCEATON?
If you live in the DFW area and would like to see if your gym offers DANCEATON visit the DACEATON facebook page to see the class schedule.DANCEATON is currently offered at several 24 Hour Fitness locations within the DFW area. If you plan on making it out to a class let me know. I would love to meet you!

You can also visit the 24 Hour Fitness website and print out a free 3 day trial pass.

No I’m not a DANCEATON instructor and do not work for 24 Hour Fitness. This is just something that I believe in and has been life changing for me. You know I like to share when I really like something!



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  1. Congrats on your success!

    I hate gyms and prefer to do outdoor things like mountain bike and hike, but I'd be up for something like this if I had a workout buddy. Unfortunately, my friends suck in that department. :b

  2. great post! I have a running friend who motivates me and keeps me accountable to getting out there and getting it done. It's so true that making a workout "social" will keep me going. Congrats on all your success - new follower from the blog hop!

  3. You look fantastic, congratulations on your success!

  4. You look great! Congrats on your weight loss. Wonderful post!

  5. Way to go! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm feeling encouraged by your post and I'm ready to start my own journey toward fitness.

    1. I stopped by your blog to leave a little comment love but didn't see a way to comment sooooo I thought I would do it here.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Love hearing that this post inspired you! It's definitely something you can do you just need to take the 1st step!

      Kendra :)

  6. Congratulations on your success! what an inspiration. Looks and sounds like a great community!

  7. YAY for YOU ... seeing your progress is SO encouraging!

  8. What an incredible, real, transformation! You look fantastic. Of course I think you look fantastic in the before pictures too. :)

  9. Good for you Kendra! A year ago I was struggling into a size 16 and now a size 8 is loose on me. It is not easy to do and I am proud of you.

  10. Good for you Kendra!!! A year ago I was struggling into a size 16-18 and today a size 8 is loose on me. It's not an easy journey.

  11. You look amazing! Congratulations!!! How awesome you have found such a great group of friends and friends to also cheer you on!!!!

  12. Kendra we are cut from the same cloth! I too need social interaction to keep me motivated, nothing beats a fun workout with fun people!!! You look AHHHHHHHMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNNNGGG!!!! FOR REALS.

  13. Fun! I love your Valentines tutus, and "Zumba on steroids" made me LOL. :)


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