Friday, February 10, 2012

From my Phone

I have been prop shopping like crazy! Getting the mail is going to be fun for the next few weeks. I have plans to paint this little bed white and give it a little vintage feel. It’s actually an American Girl doll bed but I plan to use it for my itty-bitty clients.




Friday night ritual! Workout then dinner at Rosa’s. I got for the Chicken tostada.




Packing up the craft room. It was a labor of love and fun to have but it’s time to say goodbye.

We are turning this into our dining room and officially turning our dining room into my studio. I’ve been using it as my studio for the last year but it’s time to get some shelves in there and make it all pretty. All my craft stuff is going into bins and getting moved into my office closet. My office is soon getting its own little overhaul. Remember this is my year of organization!


Of course I had a little helper!
Ninja was crazy that day! He followed me around the house like a dog and was doing tons of funny bunny things. I shared a little clip on his facebook page Adventures of Ninja the Bunny. :)



Coffee date with my gal pal! We split some yummies. The dark chocolate raspberry cake pop was so stinking good and worth every single calorie.




PJ date night with Kent!

I wanted to look pretty so I wore matching PJs. Kent didn’t really get the gesture when I told him I dressed up for him. 

We stayed in and watched Paranormal Activity 3. Holy moly y’all that movie freaked my freak out. I was screaming and jumping within the 1st 10. I watched most of it with my hands over my eyes. We also watched 50/50 which was another good pick. 


I’m not wearing makeup in this picture but I think Kent looks so cute.




Loving green smoothies! We had tons of spinach in our co-op basket last cycle so I thought this would be a good way to use it. I just throw in a little almond milk, a few veggies like carrots, cucumbers, celery, frozen fruit, and whatever fresh fruit we have on hand….and of course spinach which is how it get its color. 

I promise you they are mmm-mmm good! 

I’ve been drinking them as a meal replacement a few times this week and I’m finally over my month long plateau. Good to see the scale go in the right direction again!  

                            IMAG0396  IMAG0420



My favorite Greek yogurt flavors at the moment.
Chobani has tons of flavors so it changes often.

Blood orange with a little Kashi cereal on top and cinnamon apple with walnuts. 

                          IMAG0397  IMAG0350

Little tip: Some of their nonfat flavors are higher in calories (mango and pineapple are the 2 I can think of) so watch out for that if you’re keeping an eye on your calorie intake.


If you could only see just how big this cup is. It took 3 towels to clean this up. Yep, another “OH MAAAANNNN” moment. Seriously I think I need to go back to sippy cups. Funny thing is that this actually has a lid but I hadn’t put the lid on yet…..oopps!  




Went back to Power House for another hip-hop class. I was told by my instructor that there is NO SMILING in hip-hop. I can’t help it “I love smiling, smiling’s my favorite.” –Buddy the Elf

  This is me practicing my hip-hop face. What do ya think?






Left Ninja out and downstairs by himself for a whole hour while Kent and I had a big discussion about life….yes I know we’re so deep. ;) I was almost certain that I would come down to a chewed up mess (bunnies like to nibble on things) but Mr. Cuteness was just hanging out in his house. Seriously y’all he really is the best bunny! 




Do you have one of these? I LOVE mine! Mrs. ADD here was always forgetting to blow candles out. I know, BAD!!! Now I never have to worry about that. In case you’re wondering what this is, it’s a Sensty burner.



How was your week?
If you do an end of the week phone pic post share a link in your comment so I can stop by and see what you’ve been up to! 

I’m all over the place! Find me here…..

*Adventures of Ninja the Bunny

life rearranged


  1. are you on Instagram?? i think you'd love it!!
    i love love love Scentsy! I have them in every room of my house. seriously, the best!

  2. Ninja is too cute!! :) Haven't been by in such a long time :( your hair looks so pretty darker,and you look great!!

  3. Heheh I like your hip hop face, and Ninja, who is way too adorable and makes me want a bunny!

  4. love me some scentsy! and even though they say yankee candle tarts will work with scentsy, i've found the sent doesn't last as long. i've been considering a bunny for my little man but i've love to train him to be out of the cage - is it difficult?

    stopping by from life rearranged :-)


  5. your hip hop face, the best! :)


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