Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ninja Wanted to Wish you a Happy Heart Day


Hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s day!

I just finished Kent’s Valentine’s card.
We make silly cards for each other every year. It’s kind of our thing and I LOVE it!

He always comes up with the BEST ideas for the cards makes. This year I made him one that has a few pictures of his favorite star crush (Zoe Deschanel). I hope he likes it!

We have plans to cook dinner and watch Super 8 tonight.

It’s a low key Valentine's but that’s what we do best!



Anyhoo just wanted to pop in and share this picture of sweet little Ninja with you!
If you would like to see more Valentine’s pictures of this little dude hop on over to my photo blog! He sure knows how to work the camera and my heart!


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*Adventures of Ninja the Bunny

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  1. Such a cute Ninja bunny :) Happy Love Day kendra!

  2. I love Ninja!!!! I hope you had a great Valentine's day


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