Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let’s Take a Moment to Mourn the Loss…..

I’m sad to say it…….

I loved them.
I treasured them.
They were my pride and joy.

BUT they are gone. :o(

This is the last photo I took with them.
Try to look past the cute bunny to the pretties resting on my face.



My treasured sunglasses are gone.
I’m not sure where they went exactly but they are no longer in my possession.

THIS makes me very sad.

I’ve been looking for them for over a week but I think it’s time to say my goodbyes.  

They were expensive but their polarized lenses and sturdy frames were worth every stinking penny!



I’m trying to convince Kent that I can NOT shoot outside without them. I pretty much need them to be able to work! ;o)

Kent are you reading this?????

I’ll keep you updated if I get replacements because I know you will be waiting with bated breath!

Let’s have a moment of silence for the loss…….


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*Adventures of Ninja the Bunny


Sunday Snapshot


  1. Boooooo I hope you find your sunglasses, or get them replaced/found. :(
    Silly question, but have you looked behind or under your car seats? That's where things of mine always seem to end up, if they fall out of my purse by accident.
    BTW yes I did manage to look past the bunny cuteness to actually read this post. Surprisingly, since we know how EVERY TIME I visit your blog I immediately want a house trained rabbit.

  2. Ninja the Bunny is sooooo cute! Sorry for your loss, hope you will find your glasses:) Thanks for your sweet comment on my post.

  3. Sad! they are so pretty on you!

  4. hope you get a shiny new pair!! :)

  5. Awwww- so sorry to hear about your bunnies & your glasses.

  6. I lost my absolute favorite pair of sunnies last summer at the river. I cried. I feel your pain. Boys just don't understand!

  7. OMG.....I freaked out~ I thought Ninja had passed!!! HA! Sorry about your glasses tho.


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