Monday, March 04, 2013

Christmas in March

What you didn’t hear about the new trend “Christmas in March”

Well get with it! It’s all the rage.

Juuuuut kidding! Of course we celebrated Christmas on the actual holiday. I just never got around to blogging about. So I figured why no share now? Better late than never eh?

Here’s how we celebrated Christmas this year uh I mean last year.


Santa Bags:
This is a tradition for Kenty-Poo and I. We grab a bag and stuff it full with random goodness. We still spoil each other with gifts but our Santa bags are always our favorite thing to open.

Ps…Kent is obsessed with sponges just in case you’re wondering what the 3rd pic on the top is all about. Oh and he got me the best chap stick. It’s shaped like an egg and smells like strawberries!   




Seriously y’all how sweet is this guy?

If you follow us on Instagram (Kendra_Pryor) you know allllll how about how mischievous he is but just look at his widdle face. It makes all the “OH MY GOSH BRADY WHAT DO YOU DO?” moments worth it!



Kent and I celebrated Christmas together on Christmas eve this umm I mean last year because we were road tripping it to my mom’s lake house on Christmas day.  Little something new for us. I’ve never been away from home on Christmas but we were excited to getaway for a few days.

My mom is a super fab decorator and loves to fluff things up for the holidays. Isn’t her tree stunning?

We didn’t put a tree up so this was Brady’s 1st time to see one. I was watching him like a hawk  just waiting for another Brady mishap but he did pretty good. No ornaments died and it was still standing when we left. 




Kenty-Poo took this one of us. How precious….right?



Pretty table set by my mom!



Okay I know a lot of people think the canned stuff is gross and lets’ face it it’s pretty much junk in a can but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE canned cranberry sauce. My brother and I are the only ones in the family that eat is so my mom always makes sure to have a can of it for us.



My mom and I.

What do think, do we look alike?

I either get that I’m a spitting image of my Dad or that I look just like my mom. I’m not really sure. I have my Dad’s dark curly hair. My mom and brother both have straight blond hair.



Awe my sweet Kenty-Poo. I love him!



And then it happened……..

A white Christmas like I’ve never seen.

It was beautiful!





Being a Texas gal I’ve never seen this much snow.

I know it’s nothing compared to what folks get up north but to us it was a fluffy, white, winter wonderland.


We threw snow balls and enjoyed it until our fingers were ice cubes. 

We woke up the next morning and played it in some more. Oh and  I took a million pictures. Yeah that’s a different day a different post. Smile


Here a little peek at what we woke up to.

Our 2012 Christmas card.

We took these photos outside of the cabin we stayed in during our annual trip to Arkansas with a little help from a tripod and an auto shutter release button.


e226-frontknk 2012


e226-back KNK 2012 CARD


  1. So glad to see a post.... Great Christmas card pic! Me and my Kent live in AR.... You are so photogenic... And I'm still waiting on a Kent recipe...😊

  2. Hmm, I think you do look like your mum, aside from the hair, of course, and looking at your curls make me REALLY impatient for mine to grow back again! :P
    Cute photos of Brady too - I'm glad he didn't demolish the tree!


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