Wednesday, January 09, 2013

When a Facebook Update Turns into a Blog Post

I started to type this as a Facebook status update but thought “Um yeah wayyyy to long.”

Enter blog……..

Kent meet me for an impromptu lunch at my fave place….MARKET STREET! We chatted and enjoyed a yummy lunch. Y’all if you don’t take advantage of Market Street’s Café you’re missing out. It’s reasonably priced and a great place to pop in for a good healthy meal.

Okay back on track

I’ve been struggling with something that’s been a huge goal of mine for a long time. I’ve had several people support me to make this dream happen which means the world to me!

It was all there….right in my lap……. I just had to put myself out there and grab it.



What did I do?

I got scared
and downright sick at my stomach thinking about going for it.

I let my dream slip through my fingers and decided it just wasn’t meant to be. Pretty much I became a big fat chicken and lied to myself. What? It wasn’t meant to be? Who says? Fear said that’s who!

I let Mr. Fear get in my ear and sing his nasty negative song!



Kent gave me a firm talking to during our little impromptu lunch.

He reminded me that I’ve worked hard to get where I am and THIS was something that I really wanted.

He said things like……..
“You only fail if you don’t try.”
“All you need to do is go for it.”

He was so right and it was something that I really need to hear. To him we were just talking but to me he was filling me with inspiration and support.

Our little conversation made me think……….

Not only about what I was struggling with but about being that person of inspiration and support to others.

You never know when a friendly smile, a meaningful hug, or words of inspiration and positivity may be just what someone needed hear.

Because of our organic conversation about my struggles and being a BIG FAT CHICKEN. Kent inspired me to get back on track with my goal which I may have otherwise let fall by the wayside.

Words are powerful and uplifting!

You can choose to be a person of negativity and anger.


You can step outside of yourself and your world and be a person of light and love to those around you! I chose the latter.

Now get out of my way. I have some high-fives and bear hugs to pass out. Winking smile


  1. Go you!! Don't give up on your dreams!! Glad to see you're blogging again.

  2. :o I miss you Kendra!! You make me smile!! I sure could use one of those bear hugs about now....


  3. You are so photogenic.... You two look great! You're blog is the first I ever stumbled up on.... Lov that you're witty, but real at the same time...

  4. Don't give up....

    Beautiful pics of you and hubby ~ your hair has gotten so long.

    P.S...I printed out your weight loss/working out story for my sister =)

  5. It's funny how your convo with your hubby has also prompted ME to stop being a big fat chicken and go for the goal! High fives to you from me!!


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