Friday, December 02, 2011

A Date Under the Stars


Okay not under the starts but more next to them and uhhhh maybe I should say Christmas lights instead of stars but you get the jist.

I’ve been short on time lately. In fact I’m up at typing this at 4am on a Sunday morning and will soon be starting my workday. I’m a morning person though so it’s allllll good!

Work has been ca-ca-crazy but crazy good, not crazy bad. I LOVE it but it sure is time consuming during the high seasons (spring and fall).

Since I pretty much live in my office unless I’m out shooting or at the gym hubby time has become nonexistent.

Sooooo we planned a PJ date night! He cooked the meal and I set the mood!

I had some Christmas lights up from a photo shoot I did a few weeks back. I thought they were the perfect backdrop for our little impromptu PJ date night.


We had the BEST time! After dinner we moved the “table” out of the way and just cuddled, chit-chatted, and laughed for hours. No need to spend a fortune to create a romantic experience. We didn’t spend a dime and we both had a blast just enjoying each other’s company….and the pretty starts….uh I mean Christmas lights.


  1. What a fun idea! An indoor picnic in your PJ's. I like how you set the mood Kendra. You are so cute! I like your little make shift table too! Ha! Christmas lights are fun!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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