Friday, November 22, 2013

Put Down That Phone!

I’ve been trying to remind myself to put down the phone and grab my DSLR!
It’s gotten to where I only use my DSLR for work and travel and that NEEDS to change!
Little buddy deserves more than a bunch of poor quality Instagram photos from his childhood. 
Now don’t get my wrong I LOVE me some Instagram. Those who follow along know that’s a fact! I’m not stepping away from Instagram or my beloved camera phone…..nope!


I’m trying to remind myself to reach for the DSLR verses trying to hunt for my phone.

I’m not stressing over lighting or crazy edits. Just simple and quick. A couple shots here and there! 

Since we all know a post isn’t as fun without photos. Here are a few that I’ve recently snapped since I started my “Put Down the Phone” project!




Weston Cow Collage

Picnic collage 11.2013










If you would like to join in on the “Put Down the Phone” project let me know!
Maybe we can start a weekly linky party.

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