Friday, November 14, 2014

Exciting News

Things have been quiet here the last few months. 
Before I hit you with an update post (we have tons to update you on and it will be coming soon)  Weston REALLY wants to show you his new books……….

IMG_9305 copy

IMG_9337 copy

IMG_9241 copy

IMG_9267 copy

IMG_9329 copy

IMG_9243 copy

IMG_9269 copy

IMG_9295 copy

IMG_9345 copy


If you’ve read the titles of Weston’s books I bet you can guess if we’re having a baby brother or sister! We’re over the moon and I’ve been crying like crazy freak since I found out the gender.

We’ve been so excited to share the news with you. The plan was to share one photo and a ton of other fun stuff about the baby but these turned out too cute so I’ve filled this post with our announcement photos and have created a 2nd post full of fun info about our new little love we’re expecting.

To find out …….
When I’m due
The baby’s name. Yes we’ve picked a name!
To see a vlog of me telling Kent we’re expecting
a vlog I took of myself seconds after I found out the baby’s gender…….


PS….Instagram buddies I know I was being tricky with my hashtags  (#shesnotpregnant) but I didn’t say I wasn’t pregnant. You know that was the 1st thing you were going to guess! I wanted to keep it a surprise until I could get this post up. Don’t hate me!

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  1. Precious... You, your Love for Weston and Carson... God is good! Love you guys...

  2. i LOVE his shirt! Where is it from? I am so excited that your family is growing! I have a 6.5 month old and my husband and I already can't wait to have another one(hopefully in a year and half or so!) CONGRATS!!


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