Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bloguary Is Back!!!!!!!!

Bloguary 2015-1

That’s right my friends……..
I’m doing Bloguary again this year YIPEE!

Last year I decided to do Bloguary right in the mist of colic, teething, and breastfeeding struggles.
I think I really needed the outlet at the time as it ended up being a therapeutic experience. While it was hard to post daily I really enjoyed it!

Now that we’re past Christmas we’re in major prepare for Carson mode (4 months to go) and have several projects in the works which I thought would be fun to share with you!

What We’re Working On
*Carson’s Nursery
*Turing the dining room into a playroom
*Kent is building a pallet barn door
*Decorating my Office on a very small budget
*We’re simplify and organizing every corner of our home

Other Fun Stuff I Want to Share
* Our Christmas weekend
* Gift hauls
*Bump updates
*3rd annual Valentine’s Box Sawp is coming up
*Goals and plans for the New Year
*VLOGS! I’m digging integrating vlogs with our blog post. Some topics are easier to sit and chat about and it’s been fun documenting our family through video.
*Weston’s nursery tour

? What to Expect From Me ?
Last year I promised a post a day.
I did pretty well but it was rough with all that was going on with Weston during that time.
While I no longer have a colicy baby I didn’t want to promise something I couldn’t deliver this time around soooooo I’m shooting for……..
5 post a week for the month of January.
Any additional post on top of the 5 will be the cherry on top!

Want to Participate
If you’re a blogger I’d love for you to join me!
It doesn’t need to be 5 post a week or even 3.
I can be whatever you want it to be. Something you think you can commit to for a month!
If you join in let me know (via commit or email) so I can follow along.
If we have enough people I’ll pick a few posts to highlight during a round up post at the end of each week!

I’m excited to do this again! I’ll see you back here 1.1.15 for our 1st day of Bloguary!


IG: Kendra.Pryor


  1. So Excited for bloguary and the Valentine's swap! We recently turned our dining room into a playroom (and home gym) too!

    And if you're ever in North Fort Worth area (or we make it your way for an IKEA trip) we should get the boys together for a play date!

  2. I am hoping to do this! I don't have much going on though, so I hope I can find things to talk about, lol.

  3. I'm in! This sounds like a great way for me to jump back in to the habit of blogging

  4. I'm so excited about the valentines day swap! my swap buddy and I from last year have actually kept in touch!


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