Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Jon and Kate was a hit! I planned on making the shirt I blogged about last week (thank you for helping me decide) but our inkjet printer decided to go on the fritz so I had to act fast and go with plan B! I used our laser printer and made a Kate plus 8 pin with a BIG X on Jon’s face. It’s hard to see especially since it’s not in color but people thought it was funny.

I got to be mean and yell all night!

Kent played a great Jon! I kept telling him he looked mean in his pictures but he said that was the plan.

Kent showing off his props. I found some huge clip on ear rings at Sam Moon. They were a hoot!

One of the many cool costumes we saw that night. I wish I would have
taken more pictures but I felt bad asking people.

Geico Cavemen

Our friend Steve looking super creepy!

Even the dogs got in on the fun.

Little Abby was a ballerina.

Doesn't Parker look so happy.......not!

Parker the Police Dog :o)

Did you or your little ones dress up for Halloween? If so what did you dress up as?


  1. Okay, you could be a stand-in double for Kate! You looked awesome!!!

  2. LOVE the costumes you guys looked great!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! You two were perfect and I loved the cave men!

  4. Kendra, that is hilarious! Ya'll made a perfect Jon and Kate! LOL So glad you shared :)

  5. You guys looked great! That is the best Jon and Kate I've seen!

  6. I love it! You guys look awesome. The Kate screaming photo is great.

  7. The best costumes ever! Great job! I just found your super cute blog and I love it!

  8. You guys look like the really thing!!! Awesome!


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